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2/21 c24 8DrYuriMom
Okay, I've gotten to current and it appears college in the age of COVID has slapped you upside the head like it has my son. Your generation is coming of age in a time different from any since maaayyybeee Vietnam, certainly WWII. You all deserve medals insofar as I think. I hope to see updates but will patiently await them. Until then, take care, stay safe, and be happy.

Your fan,
2/21 c20 DrYuriMom
Oh Ranma, and oh Akane. I want to hug them both.

In late May 2008, my wife of then 18 years said the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said to me. She told me she could take me as a man or she could take me as a woman. She couldn't take me as a dickgirl - her word choice. That played a large role in my decision to fully transition and have the full meal deal of surgery. The bitter irony is that, in the end, you can't turn a straight person gay any more than you can make a gay person straight. She couldn't embrace me once all was said and done, not as a lover anyway. She's still my best friend and we live together after over 30 years of marriage as exceedingly close sisters...I love her more than I could ever imagine loving a person...but it's been over 10 years since I felt the touch of a lover and it is because she felt we had to make a CHOICE between two binary options when a spectrum was available between them. I doubt you'll have these two experience the happy melancholy my wife and I live with, but I can so feel for them at the moment.
2/21 c18 DrYuriMom
My wife's next eldest sister, my wife is eldest, never did accept my transition. And not out of some misplaced protectiveness for her sister, my wife. When it all came down to it, it was finally acknowledged that she couldn't handle me willingly eschewing my male privilege. My penis meant more to her than it did to me or my wife. She blew up in a screaming explosion in front of the whole family. We've never really reconciled in 12 years. :-(

So yeah, I totally get Kasumi. The agony societal gender norms place on everyone stretches far beyond just us transfolk. So sad.
2/21 c14 DrYuriMom
Magic sings to magic.

Oh, you got me in the feels, here. Akane taking a step back to contemplate the grandeur that is Ranma's condition. Magic is REAL for her because of it. It's magic, and so often writers don't take a step back a moment and have the characters recognise this. Thank you for this poetic line that touched my heart.

I also appreciate how well you are capturing the almost otherworldliness of the two spirited. A magic itself, somehow just a touch apart from our world, especially in nature. I see this every time my eldest and I go on an explore. And my eldest's giggle is like an angel laughing. I can just picture my child in your Ranma. Given said child and I are separated by COVID and I have not seen them since last summer, this is a gift. You have my gratitude.

Poor Nabiki...
2/21 c10 DrYuriMom
Oh, Akane, you have some growing to do. When I transitioned in place at a hospital that had known me for over a decade as a man, my biggest challenge was trying to get people to picture my coming change as something NOT from a Jerry Springer episode. A freak with caked on makeup and revealing clothing. Even in the mid 00's, the "transvestite" label was nearly impossible to overcome except by brute force of humiliating and agonizing months of example and evidence to the contrary. I didn't wear a skirt for 6 months or a dress for 8 months just to make the point it had nothing to do with clothes. And this was in health care; people who were supposedly selected for empathy.

I can so relate to Akane's confused processing given what I saw those around me struggling with. I appreciate you portraying her as one of the more open-minded. Not sure if I could take Akane taking the harder road to understanding now that I have come to like this portrayal of her so much. I am assuming this has something to do with her therapy, but that isn't well described. I kinda wish it was, and not just because psych is my field (the doctor in my alias is earned). A good therapist could help explain how Akane is finding such OOC (in a canon sense) insight in such a short period of time from where she diverged from canon.
2/21 c6 DrYuriMom
I very much like tsundere!Ryouga. :-) Since you asked, I will give the feedback that pops to mind. I like how you are solving so much of the extraneous drama that existed for 1980's laughter but doesn't exactly age well, especially for those of us in the community. As a parent, seeing modest parenting from Genma and some serious parental growth from Soun warms my heart. And as a passionate Nabiki fan, your way of handling her is superb. You delve into the impact of Momma Tendou's death on the rest of the family very well. Honestly, this may be the first time I have seen a private, honest conversation between Nabiki and her father in all the fanfic I have read...and I've read a lot. Great work!
2/21 c5 DrYuriMom
I'd really like to thank you for writing this. It's a perspective on Ranma 1/2 I have mused about writing for years, ever since my oldest hit puberty, but I couldn't have done it near the justice you have so far. I really respect the candor but also the gentleness you're approaching this with. I'm a 50yo MtF that's 13 years postop and my oldest child is genderfluid. She (I have permission to use the feminine pronoun when I speak of my oldest in general terms) will wake up and somehow just know it's a boy day or a girl day. Despite my own background, it was quite hard to get my head around. I always knew I was as girl no matter what my body said, but she'd flip all over the place depending on how she woke up in the morning. It was disconcerting, but just as my own mother adapted to my "eccentricities", I did the same for my own eldest. What I see you developing for Ranma in this fic feels so similar to what I adapted to 8 years ago. I am excited I have the rest of today to gorge on this delicacy to the current state of things. It'll take all day because I am savoring every word. I'll add more when I get to where you've left off. I beg you to please keep at it. I'm hooked. :-) ~DYM

PS: My eldest is now 21 and is very happy with her life, as am I.
12/27/2020 c24 8The Keeper of Worlds
Ok, Biki had some iron stones to risk that and admit it. But needs must for family.
11/28/2020 c24 Guest
Soooooo good! Please finish it. I binged it for hours.
9/8/2020 c24 1Mizuno Tenshi2
Great story, I'm definitely looking forward to future chapters!
9/6/2020 c24 23Lord Jeram
Always nice to find a new take on Ranma , my original fanfic fandom. It's a pretty interesting take on trans-identities even back then, even if Takahashi probably didn't have modern perspectives in mind. I don't think I was writing this well when I was about to start college, so kudos for that!
8/27/2020 c24 Guest
Not a huge fan of the “ranma decides to goal girl” spin, prefer when ranma accepts both sides of himself fully, but its your story, well executed and nicely done. I was a lot of fun.
8/27/2020 c24 tomhclare
I've thoroughly enjoyed binging this over the last couple of days! Keep up the fantastic work, I'm excited to see what the next chapters bring :)
8/16/2020 c24 2DianaBialaska
I kick myself for not discovering this story before now. I guess I gave it a chance because I figured a genderfluid Ranma was nice, was pleasantly surprised to see her evolve into trans girl Ranma, my favourite type of Ranma.

I really love the detail, the description of the dysphoria Ranma feels and does not understand, just that being a girl feels right. I do hope we'll get some info whether or not Ranma/Ranko had some of those feelings before Jusenkyo (I assume she did, but she just could not explain why she didn't feel completely comfortable).

Really looking forward to much more of this story. I wonder how Genma will react, he must have suspected something, so will probably not be surprised, but he will probably unleash lots of garbage to shame Ranma. Also the coming out to Nodoka will be interesting. Hoping this version of Nodoka is not as crazy as in some stories, so far she seems more like a lonely mother missing a child in her life.
8/16/2020 c24 Lukkai
College can be fun, but also quite taxing. Don't make my mistake and try to do too much work and hobbies at the same time, sleeping less and using coffee and various other caffeinated products to make up for it. It doesn't end well, you'll end up constantly tired. ;)
In the end, I had to stop, cut back on my workload and sleep more and better. I was quickly back in good shape afterwards and actually ended up getting more done and better at that, once I regularily slept enough again.

But back to topic: Very delicate stage that Ranko's currently in (I love that version of the name, by the way!). This is the true forming of a new person. Where she has to find out who she is and isn't. And any disruption at this point can do heavy damage. And throwing Nodoka into the mix right now... It could both be distastrous or very beneficial. The point is that they can't possibly tell what it would be. Not something they would want to risk, I guess. Of course, the choice might yet be taken out of their hands should Nodoka for some reason check the records.

And we still don't know what Genma's been planning. But it can't be good.

Yuka's right, by the way. Just where to get actual information and/or reference material about Jusenkyo will be a problem here.
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