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for Harvest of Shards

1/8/2020 c1 51JasmineRey
I absolutely love this! It's so well-written. It's so descriptive and emotive. Your words seem so carefully chosen yet they also flow so naturally. You're an incredibly talented writer.

I think you've written in Leia's voice perfectly. I can imagine her actually saying the words. You've infused her personality into it so well, and her emotions. I love the way you delve deeply into her thoughts and feelings. I could definitely feel her heartache and the weight of the blame she places on herself.

The way you have portrayed Han and Leia is perfectly true to their characters. Their interactions seem so realistic and natural. There were so many great entertaining lines that made me think "that's so Han/Leia". I'd be here forever if I tried to list them all.

[... we juggled Ben between us. How many times did we miss a pass off? Let him smash to the ground while we attempted our impossible balancing act? One crack here, one crack there. I should have noticed our son was breaking into pieces, bit by painful bit.] This part really stood out for me. It's such a creative and powerful use of figurative language to describe their hectic family situation and the effect it was having on Ben. It paints the image of that so well.

Overall, an absolutely brilliant piece! I definitely enjoyed reading it. Well done!
8/23/2018 c1 37Polly Little
This is emotional. I liked the comment about being thenot' parent', that was a cool phrase, and it seemed to fit all the Starwars lore I know.
2/1/2018 c1 my-secret-garden
Oh-my-god. omg. Where should I even start? The quiet reflection of Leias thoughts, her memories bound together by joy and loss, the countless times of selfdoubt caused by the love for her family and fear for the future. The love between Han and Leia, their fights and arguments, caused by strong personalities that clash even though they never want to. The child, so fragile and young, full of something that has no name, the boy that searches answers. Siblings, twins, two parts of a whole. A family, a question, no answers. The resonsebility, the blame.
This story, the story you wrote is something like I have never seen before, like something I never thought to see. To say that all characters are in character would be an understatement, to say that all the characters breath honestly and true is the truth.
You say you are not well-versed in the SW lore, but this proves you wrong. You understand this characters, you understand the decisions made, you understand why decisions were made. You gave them all their reasons, you gave them all humanaty. I have the deepest respect for your story, and may the Force always be with you.
12/10/2017 c1 1Kam I Am
Beyond impressed, fantastic work.
2/20/2017 c1 84wisegirlgeek
beautiful, wonderful, ahh...
2/4/2017 c1 135rebecca-in-blue
I'm really impressed by this story - such a strong, plausible take on Ben's childhood and the Solo family. The interactions between each of them feels so in-character - Han's reckless, Leia as the overprotective "not" parent, their constant fighting and Ben's reaction to it. It's so understandably typical of parents in these situations to blame themselves and notice things in hindsight, and I love how you execute that here.

I was surprised by your author's note that you're not "very well-versed" in Stars Wars, because this story reads to me like you are, especially in you handle the Force as the fourth, neglected member of the family, and the mentions of the destruction of Alderaan and other canon events. Really wonderful work, and congrats on winning the MOC!
2/1/2017 c1 70Gamemakers

Because I am a terrible nitpicker...
[gas can] Always fuel. Stupid, I know.
[Alderaan heir] Alderaanian
2/1/2017 c1 4SnowflakesandMozart
This is wonderful! I liked the episodic narrative and you've created a compelling voice for Leia. Your prose flows in a really natural way and I felt like I was hearing Leia's thoughts as she tried to sort out how her family had ended up where they are. You handled the tense changes well, depending on what was needed for each sentence, not always an easy thing to do in a present tense story that is going over events in the past.

You worked out a great backstory for TFN and it fits really well with the movies. Although the fandom and the original EU developed Han and Leia's relationship in a much happier way, what you have written is both true to their characters and meshes realistically with what we see in TFN. I'm adding this to my favorites.

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