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for Is It Wrong To Want To Be The Overlord Of A Dungeon?

6/25 c3 levyaustin525
belli didn't see shit
6/17 c5 8Alan975
love this! awesome characterization and flow
4/29 c5 GeneralBoom101
5 chapters, 5 years.
It may be another year before another comes out or not but that what patients is for.
4/21 c5 Roman Emperor
I hope this story continues because it is very good. In the new chapters, it will be interesting to read about the reaction of Shalltear and the other guards of Nazarick and the Pleiades when they see Bel defeat the Minotaur, and after that Aura, Shalltear and Lupus begin to develop feelings for Bel!
4/20 c5 Dima
Make a fanfic about Danmachi and Overlord. As Shalltear Bloodfallen falls in love with Bell Kranel, other Nazarick residents such as Demiurge, Cocytus, Sebas, Aura, Lupusregina Beta, and even Narberal Gamma will become interested in him after he defeats the Minotaur in front of them!
3/21 c5 DwiAAziz18
Please continue the story
3/4 c5 123ABIR123
I really hate to ask this but is this story dead? you should continue writing it as it was very good.
2/25 c1 Invadingcat478
I hope you're okay
2/23 c5 anmiefan60
when next chapter?
2/19 c5 lastapril123
It's been years... Are you still alive in real world, author? I hope you're okay.
2/16 c5 Kokiks100
Soo... will the next chapter ever come? Or is this story really abandoned
2/12 c5 6ProfessorZooms
Gah! That ending left me wanting for more. I hope you'll come back to this story some day. You got me hooked. Kudos!
1/30 c5 Sieg
It's the first time they see it so it's normal for them to think that
1/21 c5 1Anoynim
The red orb isn't his life source or anything like that.
It's momonga's orb, it's a world item xD.
1/21 c4 Anoynim
So falna is the power of levels and excelia is the exp.
If you have a huge amount of excelia it would be useless since you don't have any blessing to convert this "exp" into falna for status points/level.
I see.

Don't forget that lupus is a healer type character xd
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