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for Adrinette Month 2017

2/23/2017 c17 3Insane Master Writer Studio
AWW! Cute again. And a good little mytsery. Cheng-Shifu is also awesome, thanks to how understanding he is, and you actually managed to make me like Chloe in this. And that's what I considerd impossible. So good job on that!
2/23/2017 c16 Insane Master Writer Studio
Oh my god this was cute! And unlike the last one that started cute, this doesn't run into a tragedy! Yay! But seriously, this was simple, cute, and adorable.
2/19/2017 c17 izzy
how to you write so sweet!?
2/21/2017 c19 25jg13145
I'm a mess reading this chapter. While รณ was reading "Petar Pan" by Kelsea Ballerini ese playing and the lyrics hit me in the feels
2/21/2017 c19 16time2dancecpj
Hi! Sorry, I know I don't comment a lot. But I just wanted to say you're the best angst writer I've ever seen! Just from one sentance, they way you've phrased it and the words you've used, you have me in tears. The way you manipulate the characters to fit your story and yet keep them true to their true form, it's just phenomenal! Keep up the great work and I'm looking foreword to tomorrow's chapter, as always.
2/20/2017 c18 21mayuralover
Wait..So is Chat Blanc evil in this one too?
2/20/2017 c17 mayuralover
What is with these bittersweet stories that I love?
2/19/2017 c17 22Mermain123
yay someone wrote a story that was for the studio ghibli AU theme! i love those movies to pieces!
2/17/2017 c16 izzy
Omg you're writing is so sweet! How do you do it!?
2/16/2017 c15 izzy
Aww so sweet!
2/18/2017 c16 21mayuralover
Lol, "In the Rain." Seriously,does that track have an official name? I love this
2/18/2017 c14 mayuralover
Oh, such are the circumstances...
2/17/2017 c16 25jg13145
This chapter feels like it should have a reveal chapter next
2/13/2017 c11 Guest
what is gonna happen when she finds out he's adrien? O.O
finding out you've been hurting your best friend for ages without knowing it is already dreadful
finding out you been hurting your best friend who is also your crush without realizing might actually hurt worse! and thats not even bring up the fact that she rejected her best friend and crush in one...I wonder what she's thinking?
2/13/2017 c12 izzy
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