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7/11/2017 c10 63general zargon
Plot may be hard, but you write it well, very well indeed. ;) I really enjoyed this story and the way you shaped this AU. The differing point of views were interesting to read, and I liked how you did the interaction! I wish you the very best of luck on your writing!
6/20/2017 c10 O.O
Thank you for the great story.
6/20/2017 c10 Amaspa
Yes, I liked it! And I understand if you're not very inspired by the last arcs... I've been a little disenchanted with them for a while, I was much more excited with the story's earlier arcs... *sigh* (longing for the Old Days).
Anyways, I hope you find the inspiration to continue this, I really like it! The interactions between them, the ripples that these changes are making, the characters' growth (Rael*cough*)..
And till last chapter I was hoping for Rai and Franky to suddenly appear and save the day, but as I was reading and laughing at Regis' and Rael's "wth? Are we really off the hook? Wut?" reactions, I realized that this could be a good thing. Rai didn't have to use his power to save the kids from Jake! And Kranz! And fight an enraged Muzaka again! He's just happily eating ramen and drinking tea with Franky and the kids and having more time to live a peaceful life! That's good! (it's so great that I got a little emotional actually) It's kinda sad that the noble kids, M-21 and M-24 can't be there, but.. There's always the chance for them to meet if they continue their world tour/coming-of-age-tour right?
Haha well sorry for the long rant, thank you for the chapter!
6/19/2017 c9 Amaspa
Uuuhhh Ignes, that b*
Thank gosh for Rajak's timing! I was scared for a moment that she was going to kidnap Rael..
Nice fighting scenes! I especially like that it's Rajak vs Ignes wich couldn't happen in Canon (Rajaaaak that poor babyyy). It's true that even with his soul weapon, this Rajak didn't spar with Franky and gain more experience, while the Kravei psycho has modified her body to insane levels and has no problem fighting dirty, unlike a noble's usual style, so.. Not that much surprised over her gaining the upper hand.
And omg is that one sleeping down there who I think it is? Haha things are progressing so differently from canon~
6/19/2017 c10 6thedreaminus
YES! Super angry mode Seira Berserker killed the ugly spider-Elder, did not like him anyway. And Rael fight against Ignes ... Yeah he lose, thought that already but then came Rajek! And I was like: Yes! Yes! Yes! Please kill her! ... shame really.

While Rajek is fighting the building think: "Fuck you all" and colloaps and Muzaka awake and is in his "ok-which-bastard-wake-me-up-from-my-littel-800-year-long-nap?" and he is pissed to. Then comes Muzakas always work Overkill and he is gone ... Puh this was close.

Finally M-21 and M-24 are save and have found a home! Yeah! Regis had to listen to a complaint... not so yeah ... and Rael was praised xD Awww... so an sweet happy end ... Thank you for this
6/13/2017 c6 280Laryna6
Wanted to review when I had more braincells but I'e kept you waiting too long as it is.

"Forgetting survival and common sense, what he wanted was..." for someone else to get their comrades back? Right after the scene where M-21 has to face that M-24 is resigned to death. And M-24 saying that 'the only thing left is to do what we want.' There's no point in doing what they're forced to do to survive anymore if survival's not happening. It's really great to see these two liberated.

Then M-21's will being praised! And the twinge in his chest! Yeah, they really are moving towards being a family, as in canon.

Seira's 'of course you will' and then M_24 getting to think that her embarrassment at not remembering to ask is hilarious instead of thinking 'Of course someone strong will do what they want with us and why would they even ask us?' Trust! It's cute and funny.

Looking at 24's description of 21 and Seira hearing that and thinking 'ah yes, just like Regis.'

'Do not do the thing!' 'That's a great idea!' 'Seira no!' 'Seira yes.' XD I love the traditional nobles and their lack of effs given.
6/13/2017 c7 Laryna6
I love the scene where M-21 is wondering if this'll be a stronger bond than the bond between him and M-24 and the line from Seira where she was 'of course M-21 is included bc where M-24 goes M-21 goes' and then M-21 is able to turn down getting this kind of bond in a way that might have made him feel connected to M-24 because 'they are already my family and I must look after them.' He's able to turn down not just power, but connection? Because he already has the second.

M-21 and his will to protect even though he's an enhanced human, while Rael is a noble and will have to fake it till he makes it, but the motive behind this for both of them is that they have people they love and don't want to let down.

But also M-21 getting to pick? Because what he wants matters, because he doesn't need to compromise his self. It's very yes.

Also, The Elegance. *nodsnods* Addressing Rael's need for love that is really more about family than Seira to begin with.
6/12/2017 c8 6thedreaminus
Ok, I am finished right now. Why are you doing this? I have just made it so patch up my heart ... and then you come with this chapter and 'knack' it break again ...

And I was really in a good mood after the previous chapter. I mean M-21 has been fixed by Seira so he his happy and his partner is also happy. Rael has had a nice intermediate frequency with self-doubt and a discovery phase ...

PS: By the way Raizel ... It is not normal to find annother Nobles like you in the human world ... I know you are omnipotent creature but ... Ah, just forget it ... Good job


*Rolls together in a corner*

And for the last knife in the back comes the title ... I need more tape for my heart
6/12/2017 c8 8GoldenRat
Nifty alternative Noblesse storyline.
6/10/2017 c8 Ratox
It's going to be hard to fight against Ignes and the 9th elder, Seira & co lack experience contrary to canon.
Will Muzaka makes an appearance and save their ass ?
6/9/2017 c8 Amaspa
Seira that poor child... the Feels... Ugh, don't mind me, I'm gonna be crying in the corner over there...
Still, considering how much that bunch of psychopaths in the Union like psychological torture, I was afraid of them pulling off a Mack/M-24 or something that ended up with Seira's father attacking them. Thank gosh that didn't happen at least. Even so, poor Seira.
I doubt they'll be able to win against the Ninth and Ines like they are now, but perhaps it's time for our favorite blonde cientist to come investigate what the conmotion is? These rude people fighting so close to Korea(?), and more importantly Master's house, are disturbing their precious tea time. (huehehuehehe)
6/9/2017 c8 Pandora Twists
Loved this chapter. Seira ready to wreck havoc, its all nicely leading to a conclusion. Wonder what role M21 and M24 will play in this. And Im surprised that M21 is more of a support character with Seira squarely taking lead. Initially id thought that M24 will soon die leaving M21 to adventure with Seira alone, but 24 is still here and joined in Regis and Real. Loving the defying expectations approach.
6/2/2017 c5 280Laryna6
The door mechanism there is really arrogant: the Union knowing that no one else would dare make a modified human, and that the nobles/anyone in the know wouldn't dare enter one of their bases. It's also not for unmodified staff? It's a nice detail that reinforces/shows what their mentality is like.

'The light somehow always behind them' the way it's somehow always a full moon when Rai goes for a walk. Nobles and their aesthetic~

I love M-21's 'these brats.' That and the satisfaction before - yeah, these nobles aren't better than him. I think he's been made to feel inferior too much, so that's good.

'If you stop doing stupid inelegant things' heh. Hmm though, Regis' bickering dynamic with Rael instead of M-21? I wonder how his interactions with M-21 will end up, between him not wanting to be rude to Seira's... whatever and whenever he finds out the story.

Canon Rael thinks that if he murders Regis and Seira knows he did it, she'll turn to him for emotional support instead of murdering his stupid face. He really does not know her at all - Nice to see that pointed out.

Instead of explaining what she means by 'they didn't give up their humanity for power' Seira is just 'you're going to take my word for it and if you want to keep questioning my decisions you can gtfo.' I don't know if it says more about the Union or mass media that M-21 recognizes what Rael is doing as flirting/a sign of a crush...

Regis mentioning needing to warn Lukedonia... Wow, with Seira on vacation from being the responsible one, that leaves Regis. And M-24?

'Our brother/grandfather are going to be SO disappointed in us' instead of how the Union might punish people. And I love the note it ends on~ Nice disgruntled M-21 and big bro!M-24.
6/2/2017 c7 1zealith
Yay Rai!
6/2/2017 c7 Amaspa
Haha~ Seira making a contract to save M-24, M-21 deciding to look cool by not doing it, that cameo appearance of Shinwoo and Ihkan, Rael reconsidering his life choices and Rai the empath helping him along... I loved all of it!
I'm loving this story and how the interactions between the characters are developing and first meetings changing so much from Canon. (specially Rael and Rai, again, I loved that)
Now all we need is meeting the lovely and scary Frankenstein... Or Principal Lee, depending on how they meet I guess. I'm kinda imagining Seira at the convenience store, conflicted over buying this or that ingredient for that night's meal, and Franky stepping in to guide a clearly lost-in-the-modern-world young noble (he's gotten a lot of practice at that with Master in the house, it's kind of an automatic reaction already). Or Shinwoo & co helping Rael or Regis with a similar situation? Maybe Yuna thinking that M-21 is cool haha.
Anyways, thank you for another great chapter!
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