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4/20/2017 c2 23Winter Oak
I was super excited to see this update! With that said, I really don't mind waiting so don't feel pressured to finish everything quickly.

I still adore how in sync Mira and Tucker are as a couple. There is just something about the two that's indescribably beautiful. Their interactions just make me want to watch them for a day... or a week. Tucker's history felt very real as well and greatly enhanced his character.

I also liked seeing this less composed part of Julius. In the game, he comes across as an individual who is comfortable in his skin but getting to that point likely wasn't easy. I'm excited to see how Tucker and Julius will handle whatever is bothering Julius.

Haha, Julius' dislike of coffee is a cute addition. So... you were downing several cups of coffee, you say? Ah, if only you were here, I would share my large collection of teas with you.
2/5/2017 c1 Winter Oak
The way you write Mira and Tucker's relationship is absolutely beautiful! I can imagine how much they care for one another and how deeply their lives are intermingled based on the brief glimpse of their daily interactions.

Haha, I absolutely loved that Julius filled out the application with magenta ink! Julius is definitely an interesting character and I think you're doing a great job writing him.

I'm also really touched that you went through the effort of researching gem-cutting for this story. It doesn't sound like an easy topic to research. I'm happy I learned some new things about gem-cutting today too!

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story. Thanks for writing this! I hope you're having a wonderful 2017 as well!

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