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1/15 c48 Flor de cerezoNFTLC
Please continue this story I love it, or at least tell us a un a summary how it e da, pelase
12/3/2020 c48 asteroidraconistar
pls continue this story! its so goood
10/27/2020 c48 1shortymcnugget
I’m really glad you gave an update about what’s going on. I only recently sound this fanfiction and fell in love with it. I love your writting and the great amount of detail you have put I to it . I hope one day you do come back to finish it . Hope you are doing well and you continue to love to write!
10/8/2020 c48 samurai of sunflowers
Awww thanks for updating us at least! I would love to see you finish this, but I understand. I’ve been a huge fan of Nalu/fairytail since ever, I’m 20 now so it’s still shocking to me that I’ve been a fan girl to this stuff to this day bwahaha! I suppose it’s from the beautiful stories other fans like you created, so thank you! Congratulations on your writing, many blessings to you in life!
9/30/2020 c1 2Thousands-Of-Tears
A great story, but you tend to drag a scene or make things wordy. Where something could be a mini paragraph, you turn it into 2 paragraphs.
8/22/2020 c38 Guest
Yayyy pleadr keep goinv I'm absolutely in love with this fanfic
8/6/2020 c25 7Insaneauthor050701
why doesn't he just carry her across the river
8/6/2020 c23 Insaneauthor050701
so an arrow wound that's stated to be superficial takes him down to the ground?
8/6/2020 c23 Insaneauthor050701
why didn't he catch the arrow dude the other berserker could
8/6/2020 c17 Insaneauthor050701
why doesn't natsu have a sword yet or a weapon? they do more damage than his fists right now and they seem to work well enough seeing as how he's still nursing knife wounds from Lucy several chapters back
8/6/2020 c14 Insaneauthor050701
also kinda hoping that natsu would be stronger than this tbh hopefully that changes. I've been drawing parallels to a story called Golem in my head but it seems like natsu is very vulnerable in this story.
8/6/2020 c14 Insaneauthor050701
I thought he was a berserker as in he's killed before I thought most of his trepidation in fighting the other berserker was because they of the same people but it sounds like this is natsu's first kill which is weird
7/29/2020 c48 Duchixx
Oh my gosh, I’m only just seeing this update TT
Congratulations on graduating WHOOP WHOOP!
So sorry for your loss, I truly pray you’ll continue to gain strength.
I’m glad you’re still writing this story, despite everything. Thank you!
I hope you’re well, especially with Covid going on right now
7/19/2020 c48 Guest
I would love to see more chapters to this
7/18/2020 c34 nguyethalrysdo0401
The moment Natsu said "Valkyr" to Lucy, my hearts actually melt...
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