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for Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds:Guardians of the Signers

12/23/2019 c2 Noobmaster
It's been years since you last did this story, will you continue?
9/7/2017 c2 7HunterHQ
Glad you are able to still write after not touching this story for so long. If you like I can help you plan out the duels between archetypes if you want.

I can also offer dark and light support if you need it for both Dwight and Blake.
2/8/2017 c1 3JaneValentine007
I like this story so far, to be honest, I'm also struggling to make a deck for my OC, Valora. I'm not the type to write romances shtuff, anyways, I'm very new on dueling lol. My deck is a Dragon/Winged-Beast (WIND), Dragunity Deck. I have no idea what to make for my OC's special Singer ability or her dragon (thinking of Trident Dragion, idk y I put Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon). I kinda already made her ability: "United as One" or "United Souls/Bonds/Hearts". Just have absolutely no idea what it should really! Again, really interesting story, love it, and I hope you continue to update it!
2/3/2017 c1 7HunterHQ
Hope to see the duel dragons included like Void ogre dragon, Dragonecro or Beelze. Maybe include Cosmic blazar dragon while you're at it.

The villain could be Ultimaya Tzolkin?

Blake's deck doesn't need to be a specific dark archetype but, maybe use dark world monsters and add tuners to it like dark tinker, phantom king hydride etc.

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