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7/22 c10 Panther-Strife
What if General Dru-Zod's OC younger brother named Jek-Zod found out about Krypton's inevitable destruction, and he found this out from his friends Zor-El and Jor-El. So he implanted his DNA in a Kryptonian Birthing Matrix that he stole or given to him from the El brother's, it was redesigned for interstellar travel, and Jek-Zod equipped it with a hyper-light drive, a Service Robot, a Blue Kryptonite band with his House sigil and a Kryptonian Crystal of Knowledge. The Birthing Matrix/Interstellar Ship was used to send the DNA of Jek-Zod to Earth and find a appropriate female host for Artificial insemination. Also You can have the ship go through a Electromagnetic storm/Wormhole/Tear to another parallel universe and land on a parallel earth.

The Ship crash landed to a parallel planet Earth and activated it's sensor's for a suitable host. You can have a younger June Darby driving to Jasper at nighttime and sees a "meteor" crash nearby. She can check out the "meteor" crash and discoverers the Birth Matrix. The sensors focus on the coming June and uses it's bio-scan to see if she is a good choice to be impregnated. The Bio-scan is completed and that June Darby is 90% or whatever number compatible for artificial impregnation. Once she is standing in front of the "meteor" the ship immobilizes her and begins her artificial impregnation. She is later given a holo-message from the ship's owner about what happened to her and how her child is a Survivor of a dead planet.

June is given the Crystal of Knowledge, the blue kryptonite band, the service robot and is told on how she should raise her child. Along with her child is named Jak-Zod and the ship disintegrates itself, and leaving behind two shards from the remains of a shattered Kryptonian crystal from Jackson's spaceship, and June goes to a place to create his glasses. So you can have June carry Jackson for 9 months and raise him like his transformers prime counterpart and you can change things as you see fit. Also You can bring a few DC universe character's to his Earth and pair a few female characters with Jack Darby.

So please have fun with writing this idea only when you finish your stories.
6/27 c4 James351
Spare her but yell at her and then fight her
8/8/2019 c13 Guest
I would like for you to write these pairings:
fem Jack x Megatron
fem Jack x Soundwave
fem Jack x Knock Out
7/1/2019 c1 Cloud Prince
If you really do take requests, then this is just a suggestion. But can you make a "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" story, possibly one where Jack's a rider? I'd really appreciate it.

6/9/2019 c4 5t-rex989
How about a Star Wars crossover story where Jack was taken by Darth Vader to become his apprentice
4/10/2019 c13 Fake Account dammit
How about the gang taking care of baby versions of the autobots
3/22/2019 c13 15StraightedgeEpyon
Well I will say its a start hopefully someone will make this a full fledged story
3/22/2019 c13 31LegionnaireBlaze
I love it!
3/22/2019 c13 Guest
Can you make a one shot where there is barricade (universe design) x arcee please. Where he met her, fell in love with her, become an autobot, sparkbond her and have sparklings please
11/18/2018 c12 15StraightedgeEpyon
Once again I request a Power Rangers Sixth Ranger Jack chapter
11/16/2018 c12 2STRELOK474
This is Great!
6/29/2018 c11 jozs001
Potential story idea! Suprising that no one tought about it before. Jack should be somehow transported to the far future as a toddler. To the middle of the Orokin empire or the beginnings of the Zariman 10-0 mission. To be short he should return as the strongest known Tenno with his Orbiter, Frames etc. It should take place after the Sacrifice quest with him already confused and conflicted because of the Lotus and before he meets the Prime team and Raf and Miko. If you know of the Warframe universe, you could probably flesh out this idea a LOT better then I could.
6/27/2018 c11 17Boggie445
how about jack wick? You know from John wick
6/21/2018 c10 15StraightedgeEpyon
Here's an idea? how about a Power Ranger story? Jack becomes one of the sixth rangers.
Green Ranger, White Ranger, Gold Ranger, White Dino Thunder Ranger, Lunar Wolf Ranger etc
6/17/2018 c10 levi.hall.9279
Keep it up I am thoroughly enjoying these short stories
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