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for Transformers Prime: Short Stories Series

6/17/2018 c10 levi.hall.9279
Keep it up I am thoroughly enjoying these short stories
6/10/2018 c8 Cowboy96
I so want this to be a full story.
6/9/2018 c10 anons
Very good story, friend. Jack and Miko are my favorite couple in the Transformers saga, for their personalities and their abilities, and to see what misadventures I like and give variety.
You could make two small ones like the ones you drive:
-This is related to TMNT (2012) where by accident Jack, Miko, April, Casey and June are affected by the mutageno while Arcee pursues Sheredder. Jack and June as gray wolves, Miko as a Japanese wolf, April and Casey as geckos, and how they adapt to their new form together with the turtles.
-The second that by a fault of the bridge of earth that destroys the fabric and therefore the clothes, Jack and Miko end up naked in some place half crowded, blushing and embarrassed, and the misadventures that will happen while escaping that they see the crotch, or that Ratchet finds them and thinks they are "mating".
I hope you like them, have good luck and continue.
5/11/2018 c10 Jack Darby The Son of Superboy
you need to make this a story.
5/11/2018 c10 17Boggie445
Speaking of son of gods how about Anything involving kratos
5/10/2018 c7 Hz
Very good more
5/10/2018 c5 Hz
Also very good
5/10/2018 c6 Hz
Very good continue this one please
5/9/2018 c8 1HomeDukefan12
I would love to see this turn into an actual story, I love this chapter and can't wait till more come out that if they do, keep up the great work
5/8/2018 c1 2StayinFrosty212
I so want to see a halo one
5/8/2018 c8 23BladeKnightmare
Jack as a kampfer from the kampfer anime that would be funny
Jack takes tenchis place as the main character in tenchi muyo
5/8/2018 c8 Guest
That a cool story wish you making into a full out story
5/8/2018 c8 15wiseguy2415
Errr... Forgive me for being a little dense with this but... How dose Jack know the crew already?
5/8/2018 c8 Tempest2103
This chapter made me happy. Been waiting for a crossover like this to come out since forever. I do like the little cliffhanger at the end, really want to see what Jack and Hera's history is.
5/8/2018 c8 Berna45
Like how you got this chapter going. I like vote for to make a story of it and if possible for Sabine and Jack to be paired together.
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