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9/22 c4 Angel
I don't think being pregnant is a good reason to get married either. My parents did that and when I found out that it was MY fault that they were together I started thinking down a path I shouldn't have. (questions like do they even really love me or do they wish I'd just disappear amongst others) btw my sister was the wanted child I always felt they loved her more.
4/21 c19 mimi1028
I just stumbled on your story and love it so much! I hope you come back one day and finish it. Still hoping for a happy ending for Rogan.
10/12/2019 c19 Sarah Mount
Oh no I hope you come back soon to finish your story. I have been enjoying it alot and now left to wonder where thr story goes from here...
11/6/2017 c19 Guest
Please update this soon!
11/2/2017 c19 Guest
Please update soon! :)
10/20/2017 c19 Guest
Update please!
10/18/2017 c19 Guest
Update update update please
10/7/2017 c19 Guest
Love this please update soon!
10/5/2017 c19 Guest
Update please please please
8/3/2017 c19 2ashmo2000
Sometimes a flash of reality is all we need to recognize ourselves and what we are really like to those that matter and what we're like to those we don't really matter to all. Just a story and a quip or a pun to go around in whichever circle. The life of society.
7/15/2017 c19 crystal306vat
I can't wait for more
7/14/2017 c19 Mellybel
Lovely story, thanks for the update. Sorry for your loss, hope you're okay xx
7/13/2017 c19 Droolia
Meh, while she never directly brought up the affair, I don't think it's fair that she shoulder any of the blame. It's not like she actively encouraged it or anything. She had the right to feel hurt and act out. She was the wronged party even if they weren't in love. I am happy through that she has grown and is seeing the world in a different light. There's more to life than gossip and feeling superior...at least that's what us poor folk tell ourselves :)
7/13/2017 c19 Felicia123
I am so happy your back!

I am sadden to hear of your foster child. I have always admired the strength of foster parents. You have to be able to open your hearts and homes to children with the knowledge that you will have to say goodbye to them. Sending them to another home. All the while hoping they are safe, warm, fed, and loved throughout the rest of their lives.
I think you have done an amazing thing. I admire you and send you by best wishes.

Take care!

Thanks for the update!
5/19/2017 c18 ashmo2000
Glad that was an easy birth, though be it painful. Rory's new life as a parent has started and her old one with Logan may not. Good, Odette's doing ok for now. She seems to have mellowed a little. Hope her friend's visit doesn't derail that.
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