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11/17/2020 c30 Anonymous
I think Zane has a chip in the nindroids heads...
11/17/2020 c28 Anonymous
Can the overlord use airjitzu
11/17/2020 c23 Anonymous
Evil Zane...
11/17/2020 c22 Anonymous
Was this a dream?
11/17/2020 c17 Anonymous
Zane's not a traitor. You didn't understand him Jade. Also, I don't know whether this is right, but I've been Imagining Titanium Zane but black, with golden armour and a black staff
11/17/2020 c12 Anonymous
Can OverZane use darkness and Ice? And be 2nd in command for the overlord?
3/1/2020 c38 Guest
Please continue. CONTINUE. Please I need to know what happens next.
2/28/2020 c38 Guest
Noooooo... it’s been three years since you last updated? Don’t leave me... you can’t possibly make a good storyline that got me HOOKED and leave me like this!? I need to know! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Don’t do this to me! COME BACK PLEASE!
2/11/2020 c6 Jens

Gues who's back?

I'm re-reading the story. Do you plan on continuing some day?

Good day!
1/3/2020 c1 6ItsYoGreenGirl
OH FSM, I’m like 3 years late to this story! AHHH but I love this story soooo much! Like evil Zane?! Jade?! Lloyd possibly not being garmadon a son?! Lloyd getting corrupted by darkness?! Like OMG I can’t tell you how much I’m loving this story!
3/5/2019 c38 Guest
Please continue
7/10/2018 c38 Rosalinawysteria
Sorry that I left for so long "
That chapter was really good ;)
7/5/2018 c2 Guest
Kais being kidnapped
3/28/2018 c2 Guest
oooo i wonder what happens next
1/2/2018 c38 Redmanelion
That's a lotta chapters! But I'll read them all! I really hope Zane turns good again, he's my favorite character!
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