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4/16/2017 c20 1Mira Nightingale
NOOO! LEAVE LLOYD ALONE, OVERLORD! IF YOU EVER LAY A SLIMY FINGER ON MY SENPAI, I SWEAR I'M GONNA DESINTEGRATE YOU AND SEND YOU BACK TO NINJAGO KMOWS WHERE! Ahem... sorry, got a bit distracted there... great chapter by the way! And it's okay if you don't reply... at least I get to read! XD
4/16/2017 c19 Rosalinawysteria
Great chapter! Jay better stop stealing your iPad XD

The Wysteria 92 was updated
4/13/2017 c19 20BraveSeeker3
*yelps* Wait, Morro!? As in the Master of Wind!?

Okay, Zane's my favourite character, but I feel like dumping him in a pit of scraplets*.

* Scraplets are something from Transformers; they're kinda like those glowy bugs that appeared in "The Void" and "The Titanium Ninja".

Lovin' this,

4/12/2017 c19 Jens
Yas! Jay! It's been a while, huh?

Wow. This chapter WAS intense. It gives me a funny feeling, though, to imagine that we're in Lloyd's dreams. No, memories. So... I think that Lloyd IS Pazan and O'Neil's son. But... Overlord isn't the same person, isn't he? But he's still in the same body. Argh. It's as if Lloyd's experiencing the same thing as with his father, Garmadon! Just a tad bit more complicated.

YUS! MORRO'S APPEARED! *throws confetti* Will he be doing something important in the story? I like him a lot.

Haha! Jay steals your iPad? I hope he won't be able to break all your security systems. After all, he's the master of lightning :P

Thanks for the update! See you!
4/12/2017 c19 TheAmberShadow
It's never that easy. But I think Lloyd is not the grandson of the FSM.
Hi Morro!
4/12/2017 c19 GLACIER3


Yup liked the chapter and if talking about logic then yes, lloyd should be their son

According to math he wouldn't (He would be as old as garmy then)

According to my animal instincts he is not because in good fanfics often the main character mistakes when he thinks seriously XD

Deduction: no.
4/12/2017 c19 38FirstFandomFangirl
I mean, judging from Garmadon's reaction last chapter, probably... unless you purposely lined those up to give us the illusion it was true. Hard to say.

4/9/2017 c18 1Mira Nightingale
why do i get the feeling that they're either cousins or siblings...? idk... this is all too mysterious...
4/8/2017 c18 38FirstFandomFangirl
Find... out... what?

Come to some realization about the lesson? Dude, if you don't want him finding this out, why did you tell him about it? Or something about the room? I'm confused.

4/8/2017 c18 TheAmberShadow
Is their son... Lloyd? Or one of the Garmadon brothers?
What the heck did that woman do to Lloyd?!
And Garmadon. I'm really thinking that Lloyd being Pazan's son is correct... or maybe this is something else.
Remembrance tea... what's next? (I think that's what it is)
4/8/2017 c17 FirstFandomFangirl
...somehow I missed the notification for this chapter. shoot.

weelllllll he's probably gonna be fine

4/8/2017 c18 GLACIER3

4/8/2017 c18 KillerWhale
Hi, sorry for not reviewing in a long time.

What happened to Lloyd? He couldn't have fainted just because he saw Pythor, could he? Or maybe Pythor forgot to wash his face this morning, and was extremely ugly. Ugh. Nah, I'm betting that the Overlord did something to Lloyd. Or is it Zane? I'm telling you, I have this urge to kill him.

Thanks for updating! Did you have a nice rest while the hiatus?
4/8/2017 c18 Jens
YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! So happy you updated!

Gosh, yeah, this chapter was intense. Wow, we're already at chapter 18! But we still don't know what is Jade's element. I'm sure that you're keeping it as a surprise and that she's going to do something cool with it. XP

O'Neil's back, baby! How long would it last? And who IS their son?! Is it the one that I'm thinking of? (_)ゞ

So is Lloyd euh... The reincarnation of Pazan and O'Neil's son? Or is he their son? Why is Ashlynn acting so weird? Is she and Jade still friends?

Well, anyway, enough with my questions. XP Thanks for the update! See u soon!

Jens (glad to help u!)
4/8/2017 c18 4Rosalinawysteria92
Great chapter! BTW, I updated the Wysteria 92
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