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12/31/2017 c38 EzLMG15
Yay you're back! I'm sorry I haven't commented in a while, but I promise I have stuck with this fic since the beginning and as always beautiful chapter 3 can't wait to read more. .
12/30/2017 c38 Jens
YAAAAY! You're back!

Wow. This chapter was just the right one to start my day. I'm hyped up now! And geez, Jade is determined!

Wait. She could just wish that Zane isn't evil anymore, right? But considering that you aren't going to answer my questions, I shouldn't ask any! XDD

I absolutely do NOT trust Evil Zane. Psh. I can't. And Jade should do so! I'm sure it's a trap to gather Lloyd and Jade so that the Overlord can steal her power too.

But... Poor Lloyd! How long has it been that he's been trapped?!

I know that Jade will obtain the path to the light. Heh, did you see how she is obsessed to save THE Golden Master? If this isn't pure, what is it? Well, maybe being pure can be counted on other facts, but it's pure enough for me, anyways.

I would never survive on a battlefield like this.

Happy New year to you too!
12/30/2017 c38 20BraveSeeker3

Zane, I still want to brain you. I want you to get Jedi mind-tricked into doing something embarrassing.

Lovin' this,

12/30/2017 c38 7n784
Amazing! Great chapter as always!
12/30/2017 c38 4RandomDragon2.0
Yikes, things seem to be getting pretty messy don't they?

I definitely can't wait to read more of this :D
12/30/2017 c37 7n784
Yay! I have waited for this, and it was worth it! Great work you have going on here, man! Can't wait to see how far you go with this.
12/22/2017 c38 GLACIER3
Don't worry! After all, if you get sick of writing, I won't blame you(I understand XD)!
12/17/2017 c38 1milki tea
hey, Ninja!

This story is so cool! I mean it, the way you fleshed out the characters, especially how fearless Kai is! Wishing you good health and fortune. You wrote this fiction thus far really well! I hope you will continue soon, when you get better!
11/16/2017 c38 Zena Airale
I love your story Micah. I enjoy talking with you

Best regards,
11/16/2017 c38 RandomDragon
It's fine. Your life comes before a story. I will gladly wait till you are able to update again :D
11/10/2017 c37 2romagen
So Lloyd is going evil, Kai is about to go off incinerating nindroids, and Ashlynn is on both sides of the fight. WHO THE HECK IS SHE?! Well Lloyd succumb to the darkness, and is Zane going to stay evil?
10/9/2017 c37 RandomDragon

Can't wait for more _
9/25/2017 c37 1Mikittrash
How dare you keep me up until midnight reading your amazing fanfic.
9/10/2017 c37 GLACIER3
Omg nya stay alive

Bruhhh jens reviewed so i needed to log out
9/6/2017 c37 7GLACIER3

Hi! I just saw the update by reading your PM... Sorry for not noticing earlier!

OMG... Who on earth IS that person?! Why did she pretend to be Nya?!

I'm quite excited for Kai's plan. Uh, I mean Borg's plan. I hope nothing turns out too bad...

How did Skylor meet Pazan? It's Pazan who has the healing pkwer, right?

Heeey, with Jay and Kai's powers combined, they could burn the robots and short them... That would be... Phenomenal.

By the way... WHERE IS LLOYD?!

And Jade?! Are they okay? I don't think so.

Anyway, thanks! I hope to see you soon!
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