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6/21/2017 c35 Zena Airale
Poor child...
6/21/2017 c35 38FirstFandomFangirl
Just let the child rest

6/21/2017 c34 FirstFandomFangirl
That's... never how it works, Jade...

6/21/2017 c33 FirstFandomFangirl
Im jealous. I don't have any idea where my fics are going. \_(ツ)_/

6/19/2017 c34 GLACIER3

I'm not sure who is good or bad or who is alive or dead but...




I'm might be sad...

(I know i'm pathetic XD)

Also I was sure I was right about dat answer!
6/19/2017 c34 Jens
Jaaaade! Where's your logic?! You hafta tell them!

Just for information, I won't be there for almost one month and a half, because I will be busy. So see you! And please continue!
6/17/2017 c34 20BraveSeeker3
Draaagonsssssss. . . 0.0
6/12/2017 c33 GLACIER3

Probably, the next chap is abouT... Ninjago, and the golden temple.

HA! 100%, right?

Whatever, I wish PIXAL is lying, or else... well, fudge.
6/12/2017 c32 GLACIER3

Sorry... well, if you want, i won't kill myself, and guess what? all my school friends like ninjago! AWESOME, RIGHT?

Well anywayzz lloydy is possessed and .BAd.
6/9/2017 c33 18Alexandria Prime
I've got another idea for the end of the story.

If you're going to bring Zane back from his corrupt state in this story, I have an idea on how you could do it; somehow, the Ninja get to Chen's Island to rescue him when they find out where he is (that you can decide on your own) and when they try to break him out, he attacks them. During the battle, Kai says to him, "I should have been the one that was taken!" and that makes Zane freeze, giving the Ninja enough time to knock him out. (You have to also give Zane his powers back, so some of the ninja are going to have to take on Chen and smash his Elemental Powers taking staff)

After the Ninja get back to Borg Industries, P.I.X.A.L. does whatever she does to make Zane come back, but it doesn't work! Everyone remembers that when Kai shouted at Zane, he seemed to freeze, so Kai goes into his cell to talk to him. (Zane has Vengestone cuffs, or whatever cuffs halt an Elemental Masters powers) After a little while of talking and Evil Zane getting angrier and angrier, Kai finally lets it all out; how he thinks he is the weakest of all the Ninja; reveals that he is in depression; his guilt and everything! Zane has frozen, and his true, peaceful self resurfaces, and he and Kai embrace as the rest of the Ninja come in, with Lloyd saying that he had already forgiven Zane about what he had done to him.

So they all become a family again; a damaged one, but a family once more. I hope you consider!
6/8/2017 c33 TheAmberShadow
I rather like Chamille.
Hello Skylor!
Oh, for a moment there, I thought that was Seliel.
Yay not. Lloyd is the most powerful elemental... Unless Skylor can absorb enough powers.
6/8/2017 c33 20BraveSeeker3

"Never Surrender"? You bet I have! I'm part of a team (Clearwater Horse Rescue) on Howrse - an online virtual game, which is what I think you call it - and that is our unofficial theme song. Really proud of what we do in CWR.

Hmmm. . . Evil dimension-hopping Lloyd? That's happened before in another fic!

Lovin' this,

6/8/2017 c33 Rosalinawysteria
My second review!

I think the next chapter is about the temple of light ;D
6/8/2017 c33 4Rosalinawysteria92
When Cole and Jay argue tho. X3
6/8/2017 c33 Jens
What do you mean by a new servant name the GOLDEN NINJA!? He can't be servant! He can fight for his own! He's strong! But well, I can't expect him to oppose to such a strong villain, can't I? But again, he IS Lloyd. Plus, there's Jade! She has the equal of Lloyd's power, didn't you say? She could help him! Plus, the Resistance is there. AND, he has his brothers. Hopefully Zane would recover soon enough. :(

Wow. The so longly awaited Resistance. I can't help but notice that there seems to be people missing XP
Is Ronin a part of the Resistance?

Ha! I should have expected this! Cole and Kai are in looove!

The Golden Temple. Seems compromising! I'm guessing that it's about what happened to Lloyd, Pazan and Garmy in the temple. I REAllY hope no one's hurt. And I have a bad feeling for Garmadon.

What is a sequel?
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