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5/24/2017 c28 Jens
Waaah YES! I would love it if there's Morro in the next book! By the way...

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY NOT DIED YET?! WHO'S GONNA DIE?! Boy. I have a feeling it's going to be... I dunno.

Awww. I'll be real sad when the book finishes. Sorry for the late review, I've been forbid to go on internet, so actually, I'm reviewing secretly. Thug life. XP

Anyway, great chapter!
P.S.: I loved the ending. Everyone being so cool and all... Even Nya with her fan. Imagining them together, I really feel like there's a color missing... Zane... :(

Oooh, evil Kai? Evil Zane AGAIN?! Dude. You quite like Zane being evil, don't you?
5/23/2017 c28 EnergyBlast
Wow, awesome story so far! By the way, are you on YT? Cuz I could have sworn I saw you comment on one of Tanner Fishies videos lol. He had the same name (as far as I could tell) and same profile pic. Just wondering lol cuz I'm weird like that XD
5/22/2017 c28 TheAmberShadow
Lemme get two things straight. First , is someone really supposed to die? And second... are you actually doing a sequel?!
I get the feeling that's there's more to Ashlynn then meets the eye.
5/22/2017 c28 20BraveSeeker3
Aw, poor you. I was listening to "Back From the Dead" basically on repeat on Friday. :D

Yaaay! The Resistance! Wait, is their motto/slogan/battlecry those lines from the song of the same name? *is mindbown at the thought*

Lovin' this,

5/22/2017 c28 4Rosalinawysteria92
The authors note at the end was really funny!
5/22/2017 c28 1Mira Nightingale
Oh, don't you dare kill anyone... ESPECIALLY MY LLOYD! Also... Yay! Pixal! I really miss her physical formBut YAY! Can't wait for the next chapter! XD
5/19/2017 c27 18Alexandria Prime
It's P.I.X.A.L., right?
5/18/2017 c27 Jens
HEY you've put in a cliffhanger! A boig one, that is. I bet it's Ronin! Am I right? ;)

Ah, thanks. Glad I've been able to help you in hard times.

Anyway, this chapter was great! For once, Lloyd is back home, Jade has finally found someone she can rely on (and I must tell you how funny it was when you said that Kai gave a flirtous smile), and the Ninja has reunited with the Green Ninja. How better can this get?

Yeah. But the bad thing is, Zane, who was dead to the Ninja's eyes, is back. As a monster, that is.

*gasps* Oh my, is it just me or is Ronin going to tell them that it's HIM who actually sold Zane off?! 'Cause it's him, right? Phew. Well I say RIP to him after having encountered Kai's anger.

See you soon!
(P.S.: I'm all good now! No more lying in bed!)
5/18/2017 c27 20BraveSeeker3
Wow. Major case of hostilities, huh guys? *stares pointedly at ninjas*

And. . . I couldn't find the reference to The Resistance in the previous chapter. . . may have to read it again. . .

Yaaaaaay! *throws party*

Lovin' this,

5/18/2017 c27 TheAmberShadow
Another secret organization. Seriously, how many are there?
Why does no one believe Jade?
I'm going to have to take Jade's side on the tea argument. Sorry Lloyd.
It's Pixal, isn't it?
5/18/2017 c27 4Rosalinawysteria92
Kairocksrainbow isn't reviewing here either!? I hope she's okay ;.;

Who was that at the end of the chapter I wonder?
5/18/2017 c27 39FirstFandomFangirl
Ahh, so Crystal IS KRR's oc. I guessed that from the name.


P.S. yay finally caught up
5/18/2017 c26 FirstFandomFangirl
save my boy

5/18/2017 c25 FirstFandomFangirl
I fell way behind again didn't I

oh well

Lloyd why didn't you try to escape while you had the chance you dummy

5/18/2017 c27 1Mira Nightingale
Yay! Lloyd is home! I wonder who the person from the window is? Also, don't worry if updates are slow or if you think your writing is off... it happens to all authors every once in a while... XD
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