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5/13/2017 c26 KillerWhale
Wow. Glad Lloyd's finally safe. Well, almost safe. I'm just hoping nothing bad happens on their way back home. If Pazan IS Lloyd's mother, who would Misako and Garmadon be...? The Resistance? Too bad for me, I didn't catch it in the chapter.
Anyways, thank you for the quick update!

5/13/2017 c26 Jens
Oh gosh, I didn't review last time?! Sorry! I fell sick, and wasn't well for quite a longtime... I didn't leave you!

Oh. I send you my best wishes for you to heal soon(ask Pazan!)! XP


It was time, after all. Heck, how long has it been that Lloyd's been captured by the Overlord?

Is Ashlynn in the Resistance? And hoo boy, do you remember Violet! The immortal woman? Is SHE in the Resistance too?

Yeah, and forgot to say: Jade and Ess makes me laugh. I love their family.

See you! And am I that attaching for you to miss me in just a couple of days? ;P
5/13/2017 c26 GLACIER3

Seriously... left meh speechless than EVER!

And, last time, Jens was sick , but don't worry, she reviewing now. :)
5/13/2017 c26 TheAmberShadow
Hmm... sounds interesting... I'll try to check it out.
Excellent job Pazan! Any one who can scare the Overlord like that earns my immediate respect.
And a good job to O'Neil as well! Immediate respect points for him!
Getting his golden power back makes sense. You gotta fight fire with fire. Or in this case, golden power with golden power.
5/13/2017 c26 4Rosalinawysteria92
I can't wait for the one shot!
5/13/2017 c26 1Mira Nightingale
This is making me so very impatient! I really wanna know what happens next! Poor Lloyd! Why does he always have to suffer these kinds of things? T~T
5/9/2017 c25 4Rosalinawysteria92
I updated my story, just thought I'd let u know before my internet shuts off.
5/8/2017 c25 GLACIER3
Like... what can I say...

5/7/2017 c25 TheAmberShadow
Oh! That lab! I think I thought it was a 'renovated' basement. Note to self: find time to rewatch Ninjago.
Ess is an Elemental master?
Yay! PIXAL! But is there really no way to reverse what happened? I mean, he's a nindroid! Programing!
Those sound interesting. Who wrote them and what are they about?
5/7/2017 c25 20BraveSeeker3
Ooh, that makes me wonder exactly what The Resistance is. 0.0 Aww, thank you! Skillet's my favourite band. And hey, "The Resistance" is actually my least favourite song from "Unleashed", Skillet's most recent album. Probably my most favourite from it is either "Back from the Dead" or "Feel Invincible".

Oh snap. Even when Zane doesn't appear in chapter, he still finds a way to get on my nerves. Why, Zane, why?!

Lovin' this,

5/7/2017 c25 Rosalinawysteria
This chapter made me laugh so hard for some reason! XD
5/6/2017 c24 Killer Whale
Sorry! I didn't find much time to review, I had some... Family problems. But it's all okay now.
No, your story DON'T suck! You're great at writing! Cool! I thought that you had completely forgotten about my OC. Glad you have good memory XP
And eum... Mind if you remind me of what the Resistance was?
Until then,

Killer Whale
5/6/2017 c24 Jens
Oooh that "Guest" is me. I'm fed up of forgetting to put my name.
5/3/2017 c24 Guest
Yay! Thanks for the update!

Woah. I wonder what Lloyd has got in his mind. Anyway, glad that he regained his courage. I'm happy to see him strong and standing again.

Go Jade! Wreck those vehicles! (How do I sound? Probably ridiculous. XP)

Poor Lloyd. Again under Zane's care. *gasps* I hope the Overlord isn't going to kill Lloyd off!
5/2/2017 c24 TheAmberShadow
I was... talking about the lab in the story... what lab in the show?
Know your enemy, and you can defeat him.
Whoop a dee doo. And I doubt Ashlynn will help him.
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