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3/14/2017 c6 Sherry
I love it! I love the idea of Gin not being a stone cold betch and Sherry being the strong, cool-headed one. Good job! I'm always waiting like crazy for your Gin x Sherry fics, loved every single one but first time I'm reviewing. Hope you will always continue. :)
2/6/2017 c1 1MinaDestler
A new Gin story! Yes! Totally made my day!
I love it! The way Sherry is able to read Gin like he was an open book is great and I can't wait to read the next chapter :)
2/5/2017 c1 2Shiva-4869APTX
Tiene muy buena pinta, te sigo! :)
Me alegra verte de nuevo por aquĆ­, un abrazo muy fuerte.

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