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for Hadrian Black: The Other Twin

9/25 c22 Mac55
Um. Whos Ryan?
9/2 c23 Reft
i believe hermione was always intended as the main romance with harry initially but i heard a rumor someone requested the author to put ginny with harry not sure if thats true but it seemed like it at first at least and personally i despise ron as a character
8/16 c26 Guest
You made a mistake in this chapter. You already had Hadrian find the diadem. You also had him/goblins destroy all the horocruxes except Daniel and Nagini already.
8/17 c6 Brownbear66
England had a king for all of ww2
7/29 c7 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
Isn't Harry twelve? lmao
7/29 c3 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
This is crap. Get a beta if you're too stupid to use things taught to three year olds.
7/21 c4 Big.Daddy.Dudders
Only glaring problem so far is the constant switching from first person to third person. Could use some cleaning up but at the same time completely ignorable.
7/21 c27 Mugetsu700
Great story, thanks
7/14 c22 Guest
Gostei. A fic é boa. Gosto da dinâmica harém. A tradução ficou perfeita. Uma coisa que me incomodou é que em vários capítulos um "Ryan" é mencionado no lugar do Harry, ficou um pouco confuso até que percebi que era um erro e não outra pessoa que eu tinha perdido kk
7/14 c27 CamiMelo
Isso foi tão confuso e apresado. Quem é Ryan? Vc menciona ele em literalmente quase todos os capítulos. Isso foi uma reescrita de uma história original? Muito confuso o final
6/21 c27 Guest
I didn't understand the Mia part but amazing work 3
6/5 c26 shawnsheffield1226154
Glocks don't have safety's just fyi
5/7 c27 Guest
My freund that was among the best stories I have ever read
5/7 c27 44EdTheBeast
An extremely good MUST READ! A very AU, but so are many stories!
4/13 c16 1Fellbane
Hadrian gets almost mortally injured in nearly every single chapter and it’s usually the fault of either the moron James or his idiot brother.

On top of claiming the credit for his deeds, they of course never get injured and I’ll admit that it’s getting a little boring to read about how Hadrian continually puts himself on the line for people who quite frankly don’t care about him.
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