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for Birthed from failure

1/27/2021 c2 1KINGShaheed
I want to cry knowing that this incredible story hasn't been updated in 3 years. Hope you are safe and doing well.
10/13/2018 c2 AvidIdiot911
liked the story
10/19/2017 c2 29Silvereye-BW
So... are the two universes combined or something?
8/1/2017 c2 shadow
I liked the chapter!1
6/4/2017 c2 anbu31uchiha
5/1/2017 c2 1Viva01
Hmm interesting
4/26/2017 c2 1nekosmith6
loving it! please continue your one of my favorite author's!
4/14/2017 c2 1Ilireanwri
Hmmm, I'm curious how this will continue...
4/3/2017 c2 0D
Demand is high! So far it's a very fun read.
3/30/2017 c2 6RandomHobo
You know, you're an amazing writer. I seriously wish I was half as good as you. Onwards my now favorited author!
3/27/2017 c2 Apedreitor
Good for a moment I thought that you would use the typical change of world without explanation until much more later.
I haven't read crossovers of familiar of zero with characters of that world on Naruto's world
3/27/2017 c2 Bob of the A
Glad to see that this updated.
3/27/2017 c2 2V01dSw0rd
"I can't handle myself" should be "I can handle myself". Also, comma after sometimes.
3/27/2017 c2 xirons
3/27/2017 c2 bladetri
like XD
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