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6/17 c100 Gracie15Trowa
Happy 100
6/16 c100 Silverdragonstar
surprise! lol.
4/18 c99 1Sakihinata
4/17 c99 godess bubbles
This was a good one! I can't believe there is almost 100 chapters to this fic! I honestly hope you never end it!
4/16 c70 ReadLikeHermione
so good
4/16 c79 ReadLikeHermione
4/15 c76 CantGetEnoughOfU
oh my gosh hahaha can we have a HarryMerlinArthur please? The three of them here is so cuuuuuuuute
4/2 c20 Ravensa05
Hey! Do you think you can do more with Harvey and Harry? It was super unexpected but I really liked it! Or maybe even just one crossovering Suits
3/31 c33 7Dxgirl17
I wish I had more of this haha. it would be a great friendship turn romance
3/27 c98 Silverdragonstar
well that is interesting
3/25 c98 godess bubbles
Oooo this was a nice chapter
3/15 c95 IM007K
This one is GOLD !
2/24 c97 godess bubbles
Damn I really liked them together, but I also felt second hand embarrassment for Percy.
2/22 c97 mooneysfate
lovely! :)
2/22 c97 ElizaAthena
This chapter was amazing! I'd love to see it as a fill story if possible
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