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2h c88 6sunlightstars
I love this “story”! I would love to see Harry/Lucius a/b/o bc I haven’t seen that much. I would also like to see Harry/Aragorn and Harry/Legolas!
5/7 c88 godess bubbles
Conveniently I just watched this movie for the 2nd time yesterday and I saw this, and I was all like "what perfect timing". I'm loving that Harry was this universe's Merlin, the only thing I didn't like about the movie was that we didn't get to see a lot of him, so I'm happy that I kinda get it here.
5/7 c88 yukino76
Very hot indeed, so good thanks for sharing
5/7 c88 Silverdragonstar
yes please, some sort of shoved back in time thing. Shame its only a drabble, it was fantastic.
5/7 c88 Angeldeath123
Na primeira vez que assistir o filme, logo pensei "e se o Harry Potter for Merlin ou o mago que ajuda o Arthur a conseguir o trono", mas não tinha nenhuma estória. Obrigada!
5/7 c88 xDarklightx
I like it.
5/6 c88 1JustAReader248
Oh merlin lol this was the best ever
5/1 c87 godess bubbles
YES! I absolutely loved it! I honestly wish you would make a whole multi chapter story on them, because I would die. This is my dream come true I tell you! My two favorite universes colliding.. *0* 3
5/1 c87 4597boss
This was... something.
4/10 c86 1Beautiful Obsession 17
Holy crap I loved this chapter! I love your F&F series but man was this hot.
4/10 c86 yukino76
Good update thanks
4/10 c86 11Sliver of Melody
I need more just like this lol. I love SOA! I loved this!
4/10 c86 1JustAReader248
So hot
4/2 c83 pvamangafan100
love love love!
4/2 c81 pvamangafan100
to be honest, I love all of your chapters, but this pairing might be my favorite!
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