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10/13 c81 Guest
Vampire diaries kluse
6/15 c1 2Legionnaire1113
how disgusting can you get, making an entire gay story? fuck you guys who like that, it's wrong and gross as shit
3/5 c106 Jostanos
To quote one of the South Park Cast (Kyle I think): "Holy Crap, Dude!"

Enough said?
3/3 c106 godess bubbles
Ooo I always love it when Harry starts a family!
3/2 c105 godess bubbles
I really like the thought of them two together. I also just love the thought of Harry being so loving and taking care of those he adores.
1/15 c105 1LifePrice1412
please make this a story
9/29/2022 c103 godess bubbles
I honestly just love Harry in the GoT universe.
9/28/2022 c103 28ElvinaPotter
You know... I laughed out loud when I saw this pairing. I knew you'll create a story out of it soon or later. And what do you know... You did!

Splendid as always... And the desire and lust behind it are always hot as heck. Although, I find the conversation most interesting.

Can I ask for part 2? I'm curious when Harry said he doesn't bother being a lord or that hint about his past. Considering he has the silver hair, I wonder Harry's dragon is more badass than the Targaryen's dragons.
Given what's going to happen (according to the book and the series), I really will like to know what Harry will do when Rhaenyra was push aside like Daemon and was discredit like Princess Rhaenys simply by the virtue of her sex. Heck, what stance Harry will take when the Dance of the Dragon breaks outall while having Daemon in his bed...Elvina P.
9/27/2022 c103 2AnimeLover229
I need part 2
8/25/2022 c101 dearlilrain
yeeaaay for naruto verse
6/24/2022 c101 1Sakihinata
Yes, how much did you see Kakashi?
6/23/2022 c101 Jostanos
My guess is... wait for it... EVERYTHING!

He was the one that came *winces at the unintentional pun* by the wards after Itachi entered them.

Huh? It may have been the Nin Dog instead? *shrugs* Perhaps, but Kakashi being the one near the wards makes more sense.
6/23/2022 c18 11Sagilemiel
Will this be continued ? I know it has a second chapter but I would love to read more
6/22/2022 c101 1Liantei
...I have a feeling I know the pairing for next chapter haha
6/22/2022 c101 Nashhh17
i got no word! i love it! OH MY GOODNESS! I'm wondering the same thing OMG Kakashi!
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