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5/1/2017 c19 29MBAV fan66
Jesse got what he deserved! What goes around come around, Jesse! Ha! *sticks tongue at the now deceased evil vampire*

Love conquers all! Nothing is more powerful than love! And Ethan and Benny's is the strongest love there is! :D

Awesome chapter!
4/10/2017 c18 MBAV fan66
I was so worried that Ethan would drown to death! But as soon as I read the part about him seeing a shadow like figure diving in and swimming down to save him, I immediately knew it had to be Benny. Thank god for Benny being such an excellent swimmer and for paying attention in health class when they went over CPR training.

They can curl up by the fireplace with some hot cocoa all while watching a good movie to turn such an awful day around into a romantic one. :P

Great chapters! :D
4/10/2017 c17 MBAV fan66
Benny's got the magic touch when it comes to relieving Ethan's stiffen neck muscles. ;D

Kinda wished that I had someone to give me a good neck rub. Lord knows that I could use one. Lol! :P

Well, I'm off to the next one! :D
3/31/2017 c16 MBAV fan66
Next time Ethan just grab you a snack to go while on your way to Benny's. Thank goodness there weren't hungry vampires around to take advantage of your unconscious state on the ground. You would've been a sitting duck due to that rare blood type of yours. Lol! Benny's always taking care of his man, isn't he? ;P

Great chapters! Now I'm off to go check out your crossover MBAV stories new chapters! I'll reply back to your PM messages hopefully tomorrow sometime. :)
3/31/2017 c15 MBAV fan66
Its more scarier to be in the dark by yourself than with someone. At least Ethan had Benny there to help keep him calm. Benny's his safety blanket! Lol! ;P

To be honest, I also get a little nervous being the dark all by myself, as well at night. I thinks it's mainly because of all the eerie quietness that surrounds me when it does happen.
3/31/2017 c14 MBAV fan66
Ethan! Your health is more important than a lunch in the park with your boyfriend! Of course, Benny would've understand if you were sick and needed to just reschedule your little date together once you were feeling better. He loves you more than anything in world! Lol!
2/26/2017 c13 MBAV fan66
Maybe next time it'd be best just to take the long way to Benny's, huh Ethan. Lol! No more short cuts.

Thank goodness it was a slow burning forest fire or else Ethan might've not been able to make it to safety in time.

Hooray for Bethan! :D
2/17/2017 c12 MBAV fan66
Man! I've had that happened to me before! Just...I wasn't on date. I was at school in class when I felt my stomach twisting and turning thanks to something I ate that morning, which turned out to be some oatmeal that my dad had made. Well, needless to say I ended up throwing up not too long after coming back from the nurse who just gave me a mint to eat to help settle my stomach a bit. I felt completely fine afterwards for the rest of the day. I think my dad had put too much butter in it and my poor tummy just couldn't handle it. :P

Ethan was lucky that he had Benny there to help get to the bathroom on time or else he would've probably thrown up right in front of everybody in the restaurant thus ruining their appetites and embarrassing the crap out of him, too. :)
2/10/2017 c11 MBAV fan66
I used to be sacred of thunderstorms, too, that happened during the night. I still am just a little bit, but I always try to brave through them, now. Although, that just usually means that I'm unable to go to sleep until they either go away or the thunder dies down a bit, finally. :P

And we get some Bethan cuddles at the end! I soooo got the Bethan feels, now! XD

I bet Benny know what to do now whenever he wants some cuddle time with his favorite seer, who's playing hard to get on any particular days or nights. Lol! ;D
2/10/2017 c10 MBAV fan66
It's ok to laugh, Ethan. As long as this time you don't have a mouth full of food. :P

I bet by saving Ethan life probably done boosted Benny's rep a bit more now because he's basically a hero now in everyone's eyes. :)

Just another day in the life of Ethan Morgan and Benny Weir! Huh? :D
2/10/2017 c9 MBAV fan66
Well, that "shook" things up a bit in their relationship, huh? Lol! Sorry, for the bad pun. I couldn't resist. ;P

Of course, now they're gonna have to find another place to live or at least eat at until the kitchen get's done with all the remodeling that they'll have to do. Unless, Benny uses some magic to fix everything with just a simple wave of the hand and a few ancient foreign words being spoken. :P

But leave to Benny to want to go out on another date right after a natural disaster. Lol!
2/10/2017 c8 MBAV fan66
Oh my god! Benny! Ethan! We don't need you to turn into Bethan pops! :o Lol!

I guess there love for each other will help warm them up. Huh? ;D

Next time guys, how about ice skating at an actual manmade ice rink. It'd be a lot more safer than skating on some random lake or pond.

Benny gave Ethan the breathe of life! Thank goodness, he actually paid attention in health class long enough to actually learn something. :)
2/8/2017 c7 MBAV fan66
Ethan! Don't turn the hot water so high! What are you tryin to do? Cook yourself, you silly boy? Lol! :P

I'm surprised Benny didn't try to rip the towel off of him when he got up to go change. Or that it even stayed on so well after all of that? I can never get the towel to stay wrapped to good around me or my hair very good on it's own. :P

I can't wait to see what other cute Bethan moments you have coming up next! :D
2/8/2017 c6 MBAV fan66
Damn deer, always jumping out of nowhere just to make you crash your car! Lol! But I guess if it didn't then Benny would've never of found the guts to confess his love for Ethan, then. So, I'll it slide this time, deer. But only once! Lol! :P

You should've taken a picture of them with one of their phones, Doc! I mean, I'm sure they would appreciated it. :)
2/7/2017 c5 MBAV fan66
Phew! *wipes sweat off of forehead in relief* No claiming your next lost soul at sea today, ocean! Lol! :D

Hey! That was sort a like The Little Mermaid scene, when Ariel saves Prince Eric! Lol! Or at least, similar to it because it's been a while since I've last seen the movie so my recollection of that part is a little fuzzy. :P

They're secretly little get-away on the beach together, as the watch the setting sun say it's final good-byes for the day. :)
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