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5/20/2023 c1 Guest
Part 2?
5/25/2022 c1 Guest
Hopefully the good future
3/11/2022 c1 Guest
I can identify on a small note there. I've been in a toxic relationship and kinda just... live with it, whereas I could have easily walked out on my family to be with the one I truly loved.
4/22/2021 c1 Carol165
Buenísimo, es increíble!
3/14/2020 c1 anthonymosca27
Sometimes in order to do the right thing must sacrifice the thing you want the most even your dreams Peter Parker Spider-Man 2 Sam Raimi
5/24/2019 c1 Guest
He will choose Gwen.

Author's reply:
You can read "After the Dawn" and find out :)
3/15/2019 c1 Guest

But tbh Ben Can still be the Pres, the Hero or something even with Gwen as his wife.

Author's reply:

Thank you very much for the review!
Actually, Ben is still a Hero with Gwen as his wife.
He's not the president, though, because the implication is that he never wanted to be the president, he just used it as a 'distraction' to bury himself in work and forget about his feelings for Gwen in the timeline where he stays with Julie.
2/15/2019 c1 1InfiniteM0nkeys
I wonder if Gwen was actually happy in the GxK timeline, or if she was just faking it like Ben.
6/2/2018 c1 King Eobard12820
This story is so BEAUTIFUL!
4/24/2018 c1 4RomedyGirl
Wow, I liked the possibility of two futures and stuff. It was a creative ideaReally hoping to know what Ben choosesBwen love forever!
9/16/2017 c1 AmigoBwendolyn
Awesome! Cool. :)

I love the idea of two possible futures, C!

7/16/2017 c1 151WonderPickle
I like the concept that you used on this. really creative.

I like the different universes, how Kevin goes through his character development in one but not the other. in both though, he wanted Gwen ;) (sorry, that's the Gwevin shipper in me. she rarely shuts up).

"The psychotic life-taker Kevin 10,000 or the redeemed life-saver Kevin Levin." "Let the world sacrifice itself a little for him or sacrifice everything he loved to make the world a little safer." damn. that's some pure angst right there. really well written, though! I especially liked the second line.
7/11/2017 c1 20jettmanas
Loved the two futures as a story concept. Nice dinner, then pillow talk in the first one.

And after a cut back to real time, what an intense scene with the mass killing. I'm a bit surprised that Ben said "I guess not to me" there. Interesting scene after w/the public knowledge of his marriage.
Nice finish with the turbulent thoughts after.

I think Ben should choose Julie! Regardless of him becoming pres or whatever, she's fantastic. He could just talk to her & Gwen. They could work out their feelings. Far worse is so many innocents being killed. And knowing that they could've been saved.

Good work!

typo: with that monster".10,000's waist
6/6/2017 c1 badkidoh
Good story.
Anyway I think Ben would pick Gwen.
3/2/2017 c1 15Aurora Nightstar
Wow that was interesting. All I know of Ben 10 comes exclusively from your stories. Based on that, it seems Ben is the type to be self-sacrificing. I believe he would do what is right for the world. I love the dilemma you set up here.

It must have come as a shock to Ben to hear he beat Kevin to getting in Gwen’s pants and they actually had a kid! On the other hand being president and stopping Kevin from becoming a monster? What a choice?
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