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6/18/2019 c13 6Cortney-Elznic
What a hell of a chapter! So worth the wait! I just hope Summer Cloud is ok!
3/26/2019 c3 17Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera
It's really kind of funny how their policy was "Don't serve Injuns" yet they're the ones that brought us alcohol. It's like even today they have amnesia. They mock Natives for drinking those that do anyway and yet they have places like White Clay Nebraska that thrives on Native death from alcoholism. The last thing they want is us sober. But I like that Summer Cloud at least talked back. Too bad she didn't have a derringer on her real subtle and just leave a nice tiny hole in his head. At least that way it would be somewhat quiet enough to walk away and vanish before anyone was wiser.

Clyde is a dick needs to have his melon reduced down to the pink meat 3:)

Also, is Jack even checking in on his farm periodically or is he just city hopping cause he definitely should be. Oops wait the end answered that but i mean is he actually doing any farming like keeping it as a business the way John and Abigail would want? I may have to go back and reread but it just seems like he shold. Even in 1914 if you have a farm of your own I would think you're somewhat ahead of most. With all whatever money he and John made he should be well off too. I guess that would depend entirely on how much money John/Jack had in your save. I'm doing a replay and i got about $3000 and im still in Nuevo Paraiso.

God i got something funny to tell you about Abraham Reyes too that i just realized ill tell you if/when you reply.

You mentioned before not liking his 19 year old look but what do you think about his voice? I think it would have changed between age 16 and 19. That's just science.
3/20/2019 c2 Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera
You know you just made me realize something. Red Harlow in a way kind of reminds me of Colton White from Gunn and I gotta wonder if RDR were inspired at all by Gun. You played that one too, right?

For a second I misread the name Miranda and thought that was Miranda Fortuna but then saw a different last name.I dont know f you had ever seen the RDR story i had continued for a very good reason thogh despite popularity.I mean it was also featuring something that I see a lot in your stories but other than that I never had that in stories besidest since then... I'll tell you what i mean maybe when you respond it was the one time i broke one of my own rules writing wise i mean i hadnt written that part in yet but i would have.

Ok so now i remember which story Summer Cloud was in ok phew. Honestly though with your take of Red Cloud I like what you did with having him having married an Apache woman i like the route you went with that as opposed to say well...Gun lol or Call Of Juarez.

I actually wonder what it wold be like if Red and John or even Red and Jack or Red and Charles met each other it'd be like but it seems for this story you are going on the Redemption and Revolver plotlines but not RDR 2.

See you know more about horse breeds than me that must be a cool aspect of living where you are
12/19/2018 c2 Oswegonian Rhapsody
It's interesting to see that Jack met one of John's saviors and that you gave her a name. I always tried to save the people in time but I'd never get there before the rope killed them cause the others would start shooting and I'd have to shoot them or get shot and die myself.

Jamison's a fucker. Is that Red Harlow the bounty hunter cause that last line sounded very familiar
12/13/2018 c1 Oswegonian Rhapsody
I'm gonna read this but not the rDR 2 one. Cause of spoilers. I was looking to see if anybody would do anything sequel like but mostly saw just RDR 2 stuff.

It's good to see Jack is still alive but I always wondered how in game the feds don't come and kill him the same as they did his father but in GTA V there's an easter egg that he wrote a book called Red Dead.

He should probably avoid Morgan Harlow though if she is a bounty hunter. Then again, I'm kind of rooting for her. You did give her the same last name as Red Harlow so she's indian. Nice tie in to Revolver
11/28/2018 c1 3Houseoftards
The ghost is John, the wolf is Arthur Morgan
11/10/2018 c12 2FatMac Roberts
Thank you for making this story. It intrigues me and I love it. continue on and best wishes to you and your loved one. Have a wonderful day.
11/10/2018 c12 FatMac Roberts
Thank you for making this.
10/28/2018 c1 morgan banefort
love it just a one questions since red dead 2 came out will you make a fan fic of it and i noticted that gargoyles was on your favorte shows will make a fanfic of that too good luck
7/2/2018 c11 Angela
This was awesome. I wish there were warnings on the first page of these stories to let us know if a series is unfinished, though. With such a significant length of time passed, I think it's likely not going to be finished. Now I have to wonder for life!
3/25/2018 c1 17Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera
John is probably the only white dude in Red Dead that isn't racist ironically. Even Jack said Redskin savages.

Hey i saw that you're Native. I'm Mohawk myself it's not so much that people hate hearing Cherokee it's just that people who clearly aren;'t Native always say it i mean even when mixed we have dominant features so it's just kinda lame plus most don't know the name of what they really called themselves. Never encountered a Seminole before though. It is the largest tribe but the tribe with the most Naive speakers is Dine. Can you speak any Tslagi or Muskogee?

You're completely right about Native representation too. Most on fanfiction are either white or black barely any Native.

1918 is pretty late in the wild west in most instances ive seen RDR stories with Jack where it was like 1915 cause of the war but then again officially the wild west didnt "End" until about 1923 or so. Even the so called Indian wars didn't.

It's interesting you having the governor in this cause the game faile to show him in person and he wold hae been a good antagonist.

I wa s just about to ask what tribe she was then i saw her name is Harlow meaning her dad is Red right?
12/26/2017 c5 2The 7th Element
Personally, I like this characterization of Jack. It's a refreshing change from shouting 'WORK YA DAMN NAG' several times.
Also, I hope the storyline with the wolf builds up to something good.
12/25/2017 c3 The 7th Element
I must admit, I'm liking this so far. It captures the whole atmosphere of New Austin so perfectly. In fact, I had to break out my old Xbox and play it again after reading this. I read your bio as well, and I appreciate the interesting perspective you take. I have some Cherokee ancestry myself. I feel you do a good job of giving Summer a distinct identity here. It's a refreshing take, to say the least.
Also, good on you for adding a Fallout 4 quote. We obviously have very similar tastes.
12/7/2017 c11 Quince Piez
I wish my dad loved me as much as Red loves Summer. He went to go get me a pack of bolonie and never came home. Sometimes my mom yells at me and says it's all my fault. I feel like I'm the Eliza Minnelli to her Judy Garwood. I'll always be a disappointment

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