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for My Loving Hostage

11/24/2021 c9 waterwitchxdoritonerd
"soon" Yeah, that probably means two years?
11/24/2021 c3 waterwitchxdoritonerd
Why does the beginning remind me of Dead Girl Walking from the heathers musical.
1/5/2021 c9 lapidotfangirl
PLEEEEEEAAASSSEE RECONTINUE THIS!Maybe the next chapter could be that Peridot wakes up and Lapis is gone, when Pearl wakes up Pearl says "Oh just forget about Lapis you have me. but Peridot gets angry and says no so Pearl locks up Peridot. Peridots mother ends up in an accident and Lapis Is jailed after hearing both the news, Pearl releases Peridot and leaves Peridots house pretending it never happened. With her mother gone and Lapis gone Peridot spirals into a deep depression . When Lapis is released after 5 years she goes to Peridots home only to find Peridot stuck in her depression , Peridot thinks it's all her fault Lapis was jailed and her mom died. Pearl had made it worse by telling Peridot it was her fault and the she was a slut,a idiot,a worthless being, and a girl nobody would miss if she died. Perl had abused Peridot while she was locked up she bruised her,starved her, and raped her once. Peridot has cut herself multiple times and has many bruises only where no one would see them when Pearl forced her to go out with her. Pearl also broke her glasses and popped out the lenses so everyone would think she was still wearing them. Lapis finds Peridot in the middle of a PTSD flashback from Pearls abusing and Peridot is crying with some blood going down her arms because she cut herself. Peridot thinks Lapis is Pearl Wich makes Lapis think Peridot hates her but then Peridot calls her Pearl and Lapishelp Peridot to snap out of her flashback. Lapis now has to help peridot with her depression Wich will be in the following chapters.

I realized that this could be a follow-up story to yours. But please use my idea for new chapters pppplllleeeaaasssee.
There will be lemony bits where you write them in( ω ).
Also this all came from a dream I had last night after reading your story, snowflake obsedion (my version which she stills has
a gem on her eye but now it's covered by long black hair ,she wears a black dress with stars on it and loves LIKE REALLY LOVES scaring me . She also loves in my mind) told me this ...I swear I am not insane...•́ ‿ ,•̀
9/14/2019 c9 3SG3MagicInk
Damn, that was crazy! I like the story, it has cute moments and the lemon scenes were hot as hell! I will say that there are some big typos during the Jasper chapter and minor typos throughout, but that’s about all the criticism I have.
8/5/2019 c9 Lapidot fan
I liked wut u did bc in the show lapis almost kills Steven and Connie and breaks Greg's leg so she does hurt people but the pearl part I don't like that they both made out with her but over all quite nice
8/5/2019 c6 Lapidot fan
OML I love wut u did with lapis and and pearl although I don't ship it and OML peridots gonna be furious
8/4/2019 c4 Lapidot fan
MILD?! U CALL THAT MILD?! pearl and peridot ships will never exist! Also I like pizza so good job
4/2/2019 c9 Guest
only few errors of words but still this is an amazing piece as always, plus good use of the BlushMallet art piece
3/19/2019 c3 RavaRavn
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Noooo... sooo good. 3 months since update?

.''' -whimpers- Depressing, the thought of having to wait for ANOTHER great chapter.
11/1/2018 c7 6LEE blenderiano
man that took a age but it worth it pls update soon as possible
11/1/2018 c7 King Meezy
A bit too close together, could you space them out more please?
9/16/2018 c6 kotomi101
Oh snap
9/13/2018 c6 6King Meezy
3 way?
8/16/2018 c1 6LEE blenderiano
man thats good as hell if i had the followers like yours i woul ve updating already
4/22/2018 c4 kurona7
Too mild?! Pearl was just taken hostage as well?! The cuss?! Jaja... Please don't leave Lapis. And Peridot...needs to put her foot down? On something?
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