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5/22 c28 13creativesm75
1/29/2020 c5 14thunderofdeath97
Actually at this point padmes heart had been broken by him for only two, maybe three years
1/1/2020 c15 thunderofdeath97
Well padme was a part in his fall but there were more reasons to his fall then just her
11/8/2019 c28 27CharlieBoneFan
Nice story!
2/19/2019 c4 Ceps
Ok here's what I don't get sure she's gonna be pissed but she firmly believed that there was good in him still so why in the hell do u make her such an unreasonable bitch
11/24/2018 c23 Guest
That was my favorite part of this story. :)
11/24/2018 c17 Guest
I HATE nira even more!
11/24/2018 c11 Guest
I HATE Nira!
11/23/2018 c4 136rebecca-in-blue
It seems like the story really gets moving too quickly here. I think Vader seeing Padme again and killing Palpatine would've been more effective if they didn't come one right after the other. I'd also expected Vader seeing Padme to be delayed longer. Having him just miss her or be tracking her down for a while could've really created some suspense. Some of the language here sounds very un-Star Wars, too; "sadistic bastard" and "rot for all eternity in Hell" feel cheesy on a prequels level.
11/22/2018 c3 rebecca-in-blue
Well, it didn't Leia long to spill the beans about Luke and Padme. I'm kinda surprised that Bail and Breha's cover story actually seems to have thrown Vader off the trail for now. I would think he could sense them lying through the Force, but I also like him not wanting to "give in to hope" and believe that Padme is still alive. Good thing he never knew that she was carrying twins or liked the name Luke.

What an intense conversation between Obi-Wan and Padme about what Vader might do. I continue to like how even though the Organas think he's been "reasonable," Obi-Wan and Padme have much less trust in him - "we cannot trust him," "ruthless." Of course, they feel more personally betrayed by his turn to the Dark Side. The Emperor picking up the trail makes for a real cliffhanger ending, although I continue to wish there was more atmosphere/scene-setting in this story. During the conversation on Tatooine especially, I had a hard time "seeing" the characters.
11/22/2018 c2 rebecca-in-blue
I love the reveal in this chapter that Padme is still alive, too (although I guess from your summary that I should've seen it coming). How interesting that instead of still believing that there's still something of Anakin left in Darth Vader, here she thinks him an evil, irredeemable monster, "utterly devoted to his master." The Organas seem to have more faith in him at this point, and I'm curious to see how/if this will change.

I am a bit skeptic about Leia already calling Vader "Daddy," when she's met him only three times (a month is a long time to children that age). If he's Daddy and Padme is Mommy, it leaves me a bit confused about what she's been calling Bail and Breha, who've been there for her all along - unless this was addressed somewhere and I missed it? I also wish this chapter was a little less talky, but for the most part, all the dialogue is smoothly done.
11/22/2018 c1 rebecca-in-blue
Wow, this is such an interesting first chapter that leaves me feeling and wondering all kinds of things! Let's see if I can touch on everything I liked about it. That first paragraph does a really good job at establishing Darth Vader's grief over Padme and his new form of slavery to Palpatine. It's a nice way to introduce him as a sympathetic character, rather than a villain, and I like how the angst never gets over-the-top there.

I also love the growing suspense as Vader approaches Breha and Bail. Will he see Leia, or will they be able to hide her? Once he sees her, will he figure out who she is? Once he figures out who she is, what will he do about it? Each question and reveal upped the drama a little more. What a perfect, unexpected moment when Leia actually reached out to him - and what a weird, funny mental image to imagine Darth Vader holding a toddler!

I love Vader's reaction when Bail asks what if Palpatine finds out about Leia. It creates such a smooth transition from them as antagonists to them as almost allies in hiding her from the Emperor. And those last lines leave me so curious about Leia's future!
4/17/2018 c1 christy509
2/11/2018 c28 Guest
It seems you're not only Vader redemption writer around. You should check LPK9's works, they have a bit of humor sprinkled here and there. In fact, that person is doing a pure crack(humor?) fic at the moment. If you want a laugh, check those out.
10/11/2017 c1 dragonfox123
Interesting chapter and plot and idea
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