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2/7/2017 c1 ILR
Nothing against your story, it's well-written and I'm sure is meant to be be both sad & sweet, but after reading a few stories about Reid obsessed with getting Alzheimer's, I'm convinced people on this site don't have any experience with it. Just because one of your parents has it, doesn't automatically mean you're going to get it as well. I know, because my grandmother had it, and none of her 6 kids have it - and they're all in their 70's. So Spencer's worrying about it in his early-30's doesn't ring true to me, and smacks of an excuse to give MGG something new for his character now that he's to old to use the Schizophrenia angle anymore. Reid loves statistics, why don't they ever have him talk about the stats/odds of getting Alzheimer's?
2/8/2017 c1 9HexBunny
Sorry everyone, I totally forgot to label this as complete! Anyway, I thought I would let you all know that FF has glitched on me and I can't see my new reviews on here. As soon as I am able to respond to them, I will. In the meantime, if anyone has any prompts or whatnot for Riley/Reid stuff, I'm in a bit of a writer's block and will gladly consider!
2/8/2017 c1 8tlcroft
Beautiful. They are not going to let Spencer forget-not ever. Through it all, they are going to be there for him.

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