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7/3 c13 Sashis
Hope to more
6/3 c13 2magnoliarossa
Hope to see more
5/30 c13 1Twiceland2015
I hope you get to update this story soon. I really enjoy it as well as the story Trapped in a closet.
5/14 c13 22Still-On-Hiatus
You know, these petty pranks are more effective than Voldy’s plan put together. Jk.
4/29 c13 5cg037
A great story so far, keep up the good work.
4/25 c13 HyperPanda101
You know, I REALLY like how you portray Harry in this story. He's grown up, no longer a kid anymore, and he gives GREAT lessons on how to be a husband.
1. He's protective
2. He's caring
3. He's loyal to his wife
4. He actually tries to help his inlaws as if they were his own family
5. He would rather take on the burden than let his wife worry, or even know.

As someone who's looking for a wife, I'm AMAZED. Are you SURE you're not married, because your wife must be the luckiest woman in the world?
4/24 c13 NAEASsSH
4/23 c13 5flame55
This is great can’t wait for more
4/14 c13 SonntagMorgen27
This is a very good FanFiction!

I can see the logic in the character’s behaviour (especially Hermione and Ron) and I love the how you expanded the Harry Potter world to your benifit!
4/13 c9 43Brother Grimace
I have just one question; since Ginny is hell-bent on being a rampaging bitch - why doesn't Harry just call in the life-debt she owes him in exchange for her never bothering him or Daphne again, and letting them know if she IN ANY WAY comes across info about someone plotting to do either Harry or Daphne harm or just constant annoyance/nasty pranking?
4/13 c13 tieflin
Oof, what a chapter. I'm glad the cramps are not related to the pranks and that she's stopped taking a potion that'll severely shorten her lifespan. Maybe Harry should take to keeping Daph's things in his bag with his and she can have hers as a decoy? Could help to keep her stuff from being ruined/disappearing. I'm assuming the Tentacula incident was caused by a hex and if it was, they've most definitely crossed the line from expulsion worthy to Azkaban worthy behavior. I'm not so sure Harry's right that Hermione wouldn't do this but hope so. And maybe I'm just getting as paranoid as Harry but I really hope that was actually Tori and not someone using Polyjuice to see how much Harry and Daphne have caught on to what's happening. Looking forward to more!
4/13 c12 tieflin
Well, at least he's got something to go on for the catching the prankster. Him recognizing the feeling of the magical signature makes sense, as I assume it's someone he knows. I'm not sure whether I think it's someone that's been dosed with the potion, or someone like Ginny or Hermione who is doing it out of spite. Hopefully he figures it out soon! I hate to see Daph being targeted like this.
4/13 c11 tieflin
Maybe Harry should just buy the Profit and fire Cuffe and Skeeter, then hire a competent editor. Or again, challenge them to an honor duel and beat the everliving piss out of them. I'm glad he's fighting back against their BS though. Also, worried that Harry is right about someone targeting Daph. Hopefully he can put a stop to that soon.
4/13 c10 tieflin
I think everyone else is crazy, I love the long chapters. But whatever length they are, I'll still enjoy them! I'm glad Harry finally told Daphne everything he's been through. Kinda wish he'd just kill Skeeter in an honor duel but going through the courts will hopefully prevent others from being able to pull the same shit she's gotten away with.
4/13 c9 tieflin
I'd wondered if Harry was going to set up some kind of communication option for Muggleborns and their families, since he noted all of their parents mentioning being unable to write. I'm glad they're able to set up the Banishing Boxes through the Foundation. Also, YAY... Harry and Daphne finally said "I love you"!
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