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for Marry You

5/16 c2 3Akamoroti
I like how real Harry feels about physical intimacy, awkward. Daphne being the one to push seems realistic.

Donald and Virginia- nice research Rita- that article was great! And 8 pages of conquests! Wow, Harry!

I really enjoy your story telling. Daphne’s relationship with her parents is sad, but I can feel how they both have to learn what love really is. Though, her relationship with Astoria is good, and already like the knowing younger sister.
5/15 c12 ToddGilliss
Been awhile
Hope you are able to come back to this story soon
Good luck
5/12 c4 darthkratos24
I've not read this full chapter and I've loved this story right till you try humanising the durslys Dudley sure not fully his fault but helping his aunt and uncle?... No just no and fuck you
5/10 c1 Akamoroti
I’m dying at Kreacher’s description of the night before. I know I’ve read this before but it’s so funny.

And I love your portrayal of Andy.
5/9 c12 3Markus-Antonius
Ginny and Pansy are the obvious answers, though I have a feeling Ginny didn’t do it and is just enjoying her suffering from a third party perspective. Could be someone unexpected or someone we haven’t though of, though Hermoine is still a suspect in my book
5/6 c12 Guest
An update on this would be sublime
5/7 c12 percabethfamily
Please continue!
5/2 c12 SuperOwlHarmony
I’d love another chapter I’ve reread this like 5 times now I love it can’t get enough need more lol
4/28 c12 Barrayar2004
Hello, sorry for my bad english.
I love very your Story "Marry You". He is absolutely fantastic. Is one of my top favorites.
I really devoured them because he's just so good.
Pairing, length of the chapters, Storyline ...

Speaking of the length of the chapters. Can you go to back to old form? I love it extremely, because then I can read for a very long time. It might have taken maybe an hour to read per chapter. ;) Short chapter is not so my things. ;) Very long chapter, yeeeeees.

I have there one question. How I can understand this word "mickey"? I read this word anytime and I want to understand, what is mean. Big thx.
4/28 c12 Guest
Hi and sorry for my bad english.
I like your story very and is now one of my favorites. He is great, big great.
I have there one problem. From chapter 1 to 10 (i believe) was the story very long and I LOVE it. I love this very, because I need long time for reading and short chapter I dont like. For each chapter I need maybe 1 hour for reading and that are great. Can you go back to long chapter? ;)
I cant wait for next chapter.
Keep it that way, your story is fantastic.
4/22 c12 MasterYoda379
Really hope this will be continued. Love the story so far!
4/17 c2 jessessanto
Chosing daphne to be the headgirl dont makes Sense, even If she had a higher score in School, Hermione helped to defeat voldemort
4/14 c12 11stevem1
Great story. I like the family and romance aspects.

I do question why Harry and Daphne are still at Hogwarts. There are a lot of magical schools in the world. Chose one that you don’t have to risk your life (or that of your wife) to attend.
4/14 c9 stevem1
Daphne is right. Frame Nott or kill him, but waiting around to be attacked and hoping to survive is a lousy plan.
4/14 c6 stevem1
I think Ron has plenty to worry about between Hermione and Harry considering what they got up to in the tent. Harry may think it’s behind them, but Hermione not.

If Harry and Daphne know that Nott will try to kill Harry, why are they ceding the initiative? Get him before he gets Harry.
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