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10/28 c13 johnny99
Very enjoyable, thanks for writing!
9/6 c4 12summer164
I get Kingsley pojnt, Harry unfortunately due to his past was unable to form more friendships and he ahd a very limited world view. And he only reply talked to his house not that i blame him with all the bullying.

But I guess people think he's a radical and hates everyone else.
So him having friends cross house lines and Daphne shows he isn't anti other houses.
9/6 c3 summer164
Good that Hary is branching out.
Am pointing out Molly os a bigot. Plenty of people from the other three houses became DE
Fantastic story
7/23 c11 Guest
Everything is overthetop the thing with sketter could've just been easily ended with a threat to her secret as a animagus or simple but effective death threat or just simply apeal to public and do some guilt trip shit until they're hound skeeter
7/11 c1 2Scarze
I've struggled to write this for a long time, but I really appreciate what you do, which is why I've now finally forced myself to write my first review for you.
I really like each of your stories and always enjoy coming back to read them, especially when I'm not feeling well. The way you write characterize Harry and Daphne is really amazing, and your stories are part of the reason why it is my favorite pairing. You inspired me to write something myself, and I thank you very much for that!
I wish you all the best!
5/22 c13 PJOHPoutsiderlover
I would definitely love to see more of your story should you finish it or if you’ve posted it on any other site it’s one of the most well written fanfictions I’ve seen in a while
5/13 c6 mananpachisia
great romance .. BUT HARRY IS A PUSSY...he can't take a stand...what strong power.. he is shit and submissive to everything...what power if he does not uses should stick to romance where you shine...stop adding things that make Harry feel powerless..
4/27 c13 Xentiz
Got to love your writing, amazing as always. I have to admit that between this story and your Broom Closet one, your adaptation of Daphne is by far one of my favourites, and you have become my go-to author I recommend my friends for Haphne fics...

Feel proud and thank you for all your hard work!
4/16 c13 avidReader7286
I just finished reading through this story a second time! I absolutely love it.
3/27 c13 FictionlessVet
Shame this got abandoned, I enjoyed it.
3/20 c2 Daggerxxx
Okay, I'm done. It is completely incomprehensible why these miserable clichés and reworkings of the canon should be added to simple romance. Rich Potters, hiding from Harry, Ginny bitch, annoying "aristocratic" manners, doubts about Dumbledore. I already know what it all smells like. This story could have ended on the first chapter and it would have turned out well. You are going further and now you are creating conflicts from scratch.
3/8 c13 StonyTrail
t.b.c. means "to be continued" doesn't it?
3/6 c5 Monkey King Omega
Hermione was just as guilty
2/25 c4 ThunderSphinx
Kind of makes no sense for Ron to become Quidditch Captain. Domelza is now a 5th year. She will provide stability going forward.
2/18 c13 TheBleuRiddle
I love the vibe of your stories. Though they do fall under that cheesy romance category, the plot is so interesting that it shines through, even the tragedy portrayed has a touch of realism to it. It hits just right and makes me wanna keep on reading! Kudos! Keep up the great work.
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