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1/22 c8 vanhellsing9000
I'm surprised that Yasaka and Gabriel isn't in Isseis main harem I mean wouldn't that be one of the ultimate conquests the only female Seraph and the leader of the yokai faction I mean think about it two smoking hot rediculsy busty erotic women serafell actually gets jealous of how beautiful Gabriel is ( she is the most beautiful Angel in heaven) and who wouldn't want to have a 9 tailed kitsune as a sex slave so plz put them in
11/25/2021 c1 Crimson Riot 01
Grayfia es la mejor
9/15/2021 c1 Caua Victor Vasc
Porque não tem mais os capítulos do teoria Você apagou eu achei tão boa teoria
8/1/2021 c8 pix25
Nicely done
6/26/2021 c8 Ryouta
supposedly when the scene with Murayama became his slave, Grayfia who was the number one woman was made his slave and dominated so if Murayama didn't it wouldn't be appropriate. keep the spirit continue the fanfic min
6/25/2021 c7 Ryouta
Tetap semangat lanjutinnya min
6/25/2021 c7 Ryouta
please continue the fanfic, min, this is a good story, made with lemon but also continues with the storyline like canon
5/12/2021 c1 connorrehkopf75
Storm Master 567,
in my opinion, i like the story but the idea of issei 'raping' rias just doesnt sit well with me. are u going to do that story i recommended to you
5/10/2021 c8 AlimeLover123
I hope to see you soon
4/19/2021 c1 Migz-kun
4/2/2021 c1 Dragon Of Domination
3/27/2021 c8 FD4eva
Hey, I don't know if you're never writing again or something, but I'd like it if you continued this story if you're not. I really want to see where Issei can go with his harem, especially since you seem to be aiming for crossover lemons.
3/14/2021 c8 Tilty.bbb
This was a fantastic read well done
3/2/2021 c8 1Minojhoel1
I need the next episode this is so great bro.
2/25/2021 c6 HanadaMB
nice story though you should make his power usage more clear or better yet explore it, I know it's a smut story but still
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