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for The Demon Lord to Vampire Zero: The Fairy Tale War

2/9/2017 c1 Erich Klinsmann
And so it gets a reboot! Was wondering when you'd do this! There IS a God!

I can already see though that the idiots are out in force. Pray tell, did the moronic reviewer before me actually bother to read the prologue? The whole thing is about Tsukune, and he certainly isn't an 'obscure character' in this one. Obscure characters don't get documentaries done about them. By the way, the list he refers to, if he actually possessed some form of reading comprehension would realize that the names refer to countries. I mean, hello! Osea OTL United States?! Wow. You got morons that can't operate elevators, people that can't drive from point A to point B without fucking shit up. But then you got THIS GUY down here. I'm sorry buddy. I'll stop burning idiotic twats so bad.
2/9/2017 c1 4aeg1s54545
My personal favorite story getting a reboot? Sounds like heaven.

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