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for Remnant Inferis: DOOM

9h c31 Chloe Bourgeois
I love RWBY.
12h c36 marvyn7
It was been a long time since I recieved any notification on this story, glad to see its still going. Lot to catch up (last time I read it was in the end of Kingdom of Tyrants)
9/25 c42 Susano'o Chaos
welcome back, and I hope you are feeling better
9/25 c1 Guest
Dear author gamer jay give team Rwby and Jnpr secondary weapons and praetor suit almost similar to the doom slayer
9/24 c42 oceanberserker
Ignoring the Iron - dick - riders below me, and you should too, for that matter, this was a good chapter and it's great to hear from you again. Seriously though, some people aren't grasping, if my knowledge of the timing is correct, that this story came out before the later seasons and Atlas was already slated to be a pile of ass barrels from the jump and it's not like THAT'S an incredibly difficult sell anyway. Plus, they can whine and bitch about how dirty Ironwood got done in canon as much as they like but they're forgetting one important factor; this. Isn't. CANON! FUCKWITS! It's an AU Crossover with one of the THE most fun and unapologetically violent games in the world. They don't like it, no one said they had to. But if you're going to critique, at least have it be about something that needs an overview, not whinging about how your man crush got figuratively ran through like a new inmate at Leavenworth. Some people, I swear. Anyway, again, great chapter, and hope to see more from you soon. Take care, stay safe, good luck, and God bless.
9/24 c42 LiquidusSnake
Oh great, Ironwood got done dirty once again, good thing i lost interest in this story, goodbye.
9/23 c42 Corporal Crunch
Always happy to see another chapter. Penny gaming.
9/22 c42 Guest
Just wanted to a make a minor correction it was seasons 8 now I remember
9/22 c42 Guest
I know this is lat but seriously Ironwood hate bashing it’s getting tiresome, especially with way terrible writing was for season 7 or whatever it is. In which they turn him into tyrant out nowhere, despite previous evidence showing him to be a good guy, and now this fanfic is basically doing the tire old trope “military guy making a deal with Makyr” when if it canon!Ironwood before the retarded 180 writing that happen would have never done that. And I can already see the excuse “it’s a fanfic so” yeah so what? Doesn’t mean it excuse it from exercising all of Ironwood positive traits and redeeming qualities like it being done here every step on the way, I can already predict how this will turn out the usual “oh ironwood tyrant got trick and dies or turn into another antagonist and fights protagonist(doom slayer and RWBY)”. I just recently caught up in this fic, there some stuff I like it but a lot I don’t like which I can forgive some but this one not so much. Honestly at this point I know what going to happen to ironwood get it over with I already seen this song and dance in every fic, they will all use the guy just because his fit the trope despite previously defying it until those hack rooster teeth to throw it all out the window just for the usual protagonist center morality and needing to turn canon!ironwood into most predictable ever just so he can antagonist in the most hamfisted way seem
9/22 c42 Guest
Honestly James has been really getting it in both canon and fanfics, like before season 7(or 6) the dude was really nice guy and is willing to admit his mistakes(which a lot people seems to forget that he isn’t a one dimensional military guy), help whenever he can, give Yang her new arm, help Weiss when she lost control of her powers etc but then comes around Season 7(or 6 I tend to forget which and I don’t plan to go back seeing that show) he does a immediate 180 and it goes away and people always come with the bullshit that he always like that or unstable, instead just being bad writing and needing another antagonist to be a military guy turn tyrant out of nowhere. It didn’t have to turn out like, it could be just both sides having a point but instead it team RWBY were in the right, and instead James just trying reasons and maybe arrest despite no liking and showing reluctance instead he just immediately goes killing people and shooting them and becoming a tyrant out of nowhere. Wish fanfics actually portrayed James instead the usual one from S7 or exaggeration of it
9/19 c42 GummyDragon
Ahh, good to see that Ironwood is yet again brainwashing himself with his own Semblance. This always goes well.
9/17 c42 PaperTypewriter
Happy to have ya back, my man ;) But we GOTTA see William use a Berserk power up soon
9/16 c42 1King0fGrimm
I feel inclined to ask if the whole "Bringing his head back" was a direct quote from Ironwood or just exageration on part of Penny, cuz if so jeezus christ that stupid semblance of his fucking him up. Also Torchwick AND Neo are still alive? Cash money indeed.
9/12 c42 9OmniGawker
Alrighty, let's see how the pay off'll look
9/12 c42 Warmachine324
thanks for the update can't wait to read the next chapter soon
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