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for Remnant Inferis: DOOM

6/11 c43 Argenta Slayer
My dude, you NEED to bring in the chainsaw shield from the new doom trailer. ID just keeps on topping themselves.
6/10 c43 Guest
I'm waiting for the continuation
6/9 c1
So...anyone here just watch Dark Ages Premiere!?
5/25 c43 vegeta134
me hubiera gustadi un yang x doom. pero bueno.. esperare con ansias el proximo capitulo
5/15 c43 Guest
I can't wait for Dr. Samuel Hayden from UAC Corporation to meet with Professor Ozpin and General Ironwood.
5/13 c43 mward939
Won’t lie, kinda sucks the plot thread of Yang and the Slayer being dead without resolution sucks. Hope that sees the light of day one day!
4/23 c43 mward939
Its somewhat unfortunate that yang and the slayer wont ever go anywhere, but it is what it is
4/22 c20 27JensenDaniels32
Demon Marcus? ...HOLY SHIT!
4/22 c19 JensenDaniels32
Oh god, yes! Salem at last meets her match and FINALLY knows fear! Hahaha...AHAHAHAHAHAHA! HELL YEAH!
4/22 c18 JensenDaniels32
Man, the Doom Slayer's voice is badass.
4/20 c6 JensenDaniels32
...Well, considering that his first two initials are BJ, I can kind of imagine it being a bit embarrasing to give his full name out. XD
4/19 c6 JensenDaniels32
4/17 c2 JensenDaniels32
If the suit doesn't work, then the Slayer's skin is indestructible.
4/17 c43 JensenDaniels32
4/13 c1 Guest
Maybe William and Vega will trying to get some upgrade to strengthen themselves and increased their chances of survival and victory against the Slaves of Doom, even found a way similiar to the Rogues from DC, when they try to steal a device called genome recorder and having everyone merge with their weapons catasthrophically. Of course, Mirror Master get stuck in the mirror world, Golden Glider becomes a ghost, weather wizard can't feel emotion or else the world will end and Captain Cold get the privelege of becoming Ice Man. Not mention Heatwave having a Scion from League of Legends furnace in his chest that just screamed. Amazing design. It makes me wonder if William and Vega somehow having a similiar incident, like Vega now has his own independent body from the Praetorian suit, and William merge with his gadgets, equipment, weapons and suit, something like that.
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