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for Remnant Inferis: DOOM

6/25 c7 Fritz5068
Ok Doomguy, who the Slayer is, was the DOOM Marine way back in the original DOOM games so technically he was a marine once, it’s just been a millennia since then.
6/20 c2 Matt
Just now realised this was posted in 2017, guess that explains some lore bits but your writing is still great!
Tho Slayers armor getting damaged by Remmenant weapons wouldnt mean its on par with some armored Grimm? I guess that would work if the Grimm are given a demonic spin on them futher into the fic, kinda itching to skip a few chapters and see your reaction to doom eternal
6/19 c1 Matt
:0 loving the fight!
Man, another made Doomguy speak but at least you pointed out the vow of silence! Rip & Tear!
6/13 c38 The Normie
Is ruby the second sentinal? Are we getting our cute little rubes going "RIP AND TEAR!"...
6/7 c31 hanzohasashifan29
Vega: You boys gonna get a whooping when I get there!
brothers: Well shit
6/6 c27 hanzohasashifan29
Bj: Fucking Nazis
6/6 c26 hanzohasashifan29
Rage such an infectious disease...yet so useful
5/26 c38 FalconHockey102
Best story I've ever read on here. I'd be content to wait years between chapters if it means the quality is this high.
5/21 c38 julian.brady
Patiently waiting for your return
5/19 c13 Nexs0me
I noticed that there's no quote or entry of any kind that comes right after the name of this chapter. Just wondering if you were going to fix that.
5/18 c38 Nexs0me
To be honest, I'm hoping that Leo is spared in the end, at least by the good guys, because deep down, he knows what he's doing with Salem is wrong, and he truly did want to make amends, but it was too late for him to back out. But now, the Doom Slayer has given him something that he needed all along:

5/16 c2 mst3ktoo
So he's not god tier slayer? Boo
5/14 c26 KingLego
It's spelled "Jaegers". Not "Yaegers."
5/13 c9 alvapensky
When I heard “back to monster killin” I thought of “HOG KILLIN TIME”
4/3 c38 Greer123
About time Raven got her ass handed to her by the Doomslayer.
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