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6h c31 6JohnJoestar17
Holy shit. I'm glad I finally caught up with the story. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more shit will hit the fan. Take your time, of course. Just know that I'm not only impressed by the action and character interactions, but also intrigued by the lore.

I've mentioned in a previous PM about wanting to write a Doom crossover of my own, and seeing how you went about combining the lore for the two 'verses has given me plenty of food for thought on how to move forward.
23h c24 JohnJoestar17
Holy shit, that was another intense arc. Besides the usual well-done action scenes and the worldbuilding in the background, I gotta give you kudos for managing so many PoVs so well. It really helps make the world feel that much bigger as well as foreshadowing what's coming next.
11/27 c22 JohnJoestar17
The Atlas troops put up the best fight they could, but it still wasn't enough against the endless tides of demons. Reminds me of a regular day in Warhammer 40k. Having Team RWBY and the Slayer fighting in Hell really sets up the contrast between him and them. The Doom Slayer is just on another level entirely.

And holy shit that Marauder is one tough SOB. We definitely haven't seen the last of him.
11/27 c21 JohnJoestar17
Looks like Team RWBY is handling their trip to Hell as best as they could. Good on them for not breaking. Also...

"Chainsaw in one hand and super shotgun in the other"

I don't know if the Evil Dead reference was intentional, but it's still awesome.
11/27 c20 JohnJoestar17
Holy shit, this entire arc kicked all kinds of ass. The action, the plot twists, everything.
11/27 c15 JohnJoestar17
Shit, the mission just went from bad to worse. RIP, Fox. You will be missed, and may your death be avenged. The fact the SDC is pulling pages straight out of the UAC's playbook is extremely bad news, not to mention the ongoing invasion in Vauco. Finally, there's still the question of Argenta ruins on Remnant. Looks like the connection between Doom and RWBY runs deep in this fic's AU.
11/27 c31 1UltimateDemonBeast65
I'm loving this fanfic, man! Keep up the good work and please do continue this story. I have a feeling that the Gods will fall to the Slayer.
11/23 c25 Borkborkbitch
i dropping simply because this might as well not be the doom slayer at this point
11/21 c2 BoredKing
Ok, how the hell is Adam's aura so much more powerful than than everyone else's? The Slayer broke the others in a single punch but Adam took several chainsaw greatsword swings.

And why didn't he kill Adam or Marlowe? He isn't one to spare his enemies, ever. He literally has one defining character trait, he rages and kills, that's it.

I find the idea that a squadron of marines were able to restrain the Slayer to absolutely laughable It took Hell He would have had to have been severely injured by something for that to even be a pipe dream.

Food? You know his rage is the only thing he needs to sustain him, right? He has no need for food, drink, or rest. He is also ridiculously durable even without the suit. He spent plenty of time fighting Hell without it. He also grows stronger with every kill since he absorbs their souls, might not be useful when dealing with the Grimm but against humans and faunus he should be unstoppable.
11/20 c1 1daemoniclover24
DUDE! I absolutely LOVE your work, such as inspiration! Candice is back, so cool to see her again after the first Chapters. I admit, the level of lore confuses me and I fear I've failed to follow along in a few regards. Love it!
11/20 c1 dudepotatos
Adam is so fucked
11/10 c15 GrimReaper02
11/9 c31 2LC7535
Wow. I realized something when I thought about how William tried to give Yang the Blazkowicz family engagement ring. Of course, the initial reaction was a combination of, "Aw, that's really sweet. He gave her something that precious to him," and, "You think you're so slick, don't you. I see what you're doing there, you're doing it on multiple yet obvious levels now." But I didn't realize something until recently, about just how precious to William it truly is, and the other level to the ship teasing. It's one of only two relics he has from his father's side, his TERRAN side. He has plenty of stuff from the Argenta side of the family, but the ring and the Super Shotgun are the only two things he has left of his father's homeworld, and the latter has too much combat value to be left behind. The ring was given to his mother by his father, as a symbol of his love and the life the both of them wanted to make-the peaceful and happy life a normal Terran family would have together. The ring Aelia gave to her firstborn son so he could carry on that wish, that legacy, that reminded that the men of the Blazkowicz family can be more than soldiers against the forces of Darkness-they can be husbands and fathers when the battles have been won, they can have normal lives and happy families when the war is over. They can be human too. For him to give it to Yang, even if it's not in the direct fashion(yet) speaks volumes of old BJ's feelings of trust and...well, you know, we know, but he doesn't know yet...for her. Altogether, it was truly a touching moment and plants the seeds of hope for the future. P.S. I'm the one who made the review about the master of Erebus getting freaked out by the thought of the Doom Slayer and a member of team RWBY having children, on the 26th of October, I believe.
11/8 c20 JustDusty
Do you reaaaaally have to do the whole "something suddenly happens right when the protagonist is choking the bad guy to death" so that the bad guy escaes and fights next time?
11/8 c31 Guest
Well that was glorious, certainly worth the wait.
Jaune's not getting any better, and lemme tell ya , if you actually decide to kill Pyrrha off in this fic, he might start listening to the voices and take a little tumble down the cliff...
Still waiting on Marv dying, pumped for that.
God these scenes with the characters pulling out their inner slayer like Weiss an Blake are golden. Honestly you're making me feel really bad for ruby, kid's been though hell mentally and fiscally, having nightmares about her mother, her mind slowly being pulled apart day by day constantly seeing shit that would leave a person scarred for life, not to mention one of the few people she finds solace with is literally the bane of hell, Jesus.
Developing the slayer more is always a one-up from me.
Well, seems like Ozmas losing his temper ey?
Personally, I wouldn't worry about him going up against the brothers , I mean if the titan , the khan maykr and the icon of sin are anything to go by , safe to say he'll be fine.
Can't wait for the next one man , to be honest if it were up to me , I'd give the rights to rwby myself since RT is currently more focused on digging their own grave than making their own show, so yeah. Hopes up for the next one soon! :D
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