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3/22 c33 FairPrice
Since the most recent Guest (by the time of this review) had revealed to us the spoiler(s) for "DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods — Part Two", I see no reason to withhold these points of interest from "TV Tropes". Feel free to make of them what you will.

1) "Ass Pull": The twist at the end of "The Ancient Gods — Part Two" that Davoth the Dark Lord was the ACTUAL creator of the universe, and that the Father took his place after he fell, has been felt by many players to be a lazy, last minute plot twist to create a shock value revelation of GOD being the ultimate bad guy that goes against with what’s been established and raises unnecessary questions…

2) The Dark Lord Davoth’s 'true' origins are primarily regarded as an "Ambiguous Situation" — Does him being the TRUE Creator mean that ALL of what was told of him was a LIE to cover up a cold-hearted betrayal, or was it a lie told to soften the blow that THE FIRST BEING IN THE UNIVERSE was capable of going homicidally insane as a result of finding out even he wasn't strong enough to prevent the death of his creations and needed to be put down for the sake of reality?
3/21 c32 Guest
What I'm trying to say is F the gobbledygook lore of Ancient Gods 2 and write your story the way you want it.
3/21 c33 Guest
Way I see it I think you should keep everything as it is with Vega as the father and Davoth as he is. I liked the TAG part 2 but that uno reverse they pulled with the lore was unnecessary. As for keeping it close to lore in game there is the multiverse with different other slayers so your slayer and technically every Slayer on this Fanfic is cannon so yah just keep going with whatever you had planned cause I like how your handeling your story.
3/21 c33 Guest
Having beaten the ancient gods part 2...
Damn. This story is not going to end like canon at all. The reveals change everything, and with how you’re writing this, you’ll need to make some serious story-changing reveals to make it work.
3/20 c2 Mr.Leeb
The doom slayer does not eat. He is almost a god.
3/16 c33 Guest
The trailer for the second chapter of Doom Eternal: Old Gods is coming out!
3/11 c2 El Rey103
Good story
3/7 c33 DGrayman97
Hey did the ending to part 1 of that DLC not blow your f-ing mind?
2/25 c26 ER-47
Great chapter
2/25 c33 Guest
this the best story i've ever read can not wait for more if there's more
2/21 c1 Dasgun
2/19 c33 2LC3575
I would post this in Chapter 29, but then I remembered that I'd already done a review for that chapter with the Nicholas Schnee thing. Anyway, I've noticed that you seem to use Roman military ranks for the Night Sentinels, such as Valen's title of Legate-Commander, a variation on Legatus. Not surprising, considering how much of Rome's influence you can feel in Argent D'Nur: the neo-Roman architecture, the use of Latin as Argent Lingua, the title of Praetor as second-in-command of the Argenta armies, I could go on. I was just wondering, do you have similar ranks below that of Legate-Commander, like Centuriate-Captain, for example? Is the Night Sentinel Legions organization pretty much like that of Rome[legion-cohort-century-contubernium(squad-level)], or do you have a different organization method for the Order's forces in your head? Please let me know; I'm rather curious about that sort of thing—big military history buff.
2/13 c33 9reeleffendeel
This chapter had me on the edge of my seat! I totally knew William could take on the Brother Gods! Although "Gods" seems kinda redundant now that you made them Maykrs in this universe. Interested to see where you go with it.

I was not expecting you to add in a demon from DOOM 3. As lacking as that game was, it was still a highly serviceable DOOM game. Big bonus points for using its cut camouflage feature!

Boy, you made Marv a highly detestable psycho and i really hope William tears him a new one. Make him suffer for what he did to my Ace Ops bae!

Yeah, i speak for all of us when i say that 2020 just plain sucked. Hopefully 2021 will start to look up and you take as much time as you need when you go on break. We all need to unwind after a rough time...or year. Sorry to hear about Cyberpunk, if it make you feel better i had the same reaction when i bought Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Take it easy and good luck with you future escapades.

P.S. Great refence to the DOOM Eternal TV spot!
2/13 c33 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
I love that Qrow isn't even surprised, just annoyed.
2/11 c33 DracoAngelus17
I gotta admit, I didn't notice the new chapter until I sat down drinking coke one night. Waited a few days, then dug right in. I'm loving this story everytime. PLEASE keep up the good work. This story is worth all the months of waiting. I sincerely mean that. Never quit this story!
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