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for Remnant Inferis: DOOM

5/4/2023 c41 sgtitanwolf
5/4/2023 c41 187
This really shows how badass the Night Sentinels were. Like Remnant has superpowers, soul shields that also heal u, merged melee with ranged weapons and magic and still could barely fight off Hell and the Argentans not only drove them back but it got to a point where they fought them all the way in Hell.
5/4/2023 c16 7Ballin' And Can't Get Up
Lore wise, this did not age well, with him killing the God of god's who created the gods who created other lesser gods.
Also, fun fact: nothing the UAC did to the Praetor Suit could even nick it. Not even a laser AS HOT AS THE GODAMMED SUN.
Also, that temple that was dropped on him? Wasn't just a temple. It was a city. The size of a galaxy.
Nerfed indeed.
5/4/2023 c1 Mkfhda
To answer your question Brave2000, I believe the reason why the Argenta are so cruel towards the Beastkin/Faunus has to do with the fact that they are descended from the Ancestrals that once ruled Argent D'Nur and caused the Argenta to fee underground. Until they re-emerged with steel in their hands and put them to the sword.
5/4/2023 c41 BrutusPrimus
Nice work! Keeping up with this story for so long, it never gets dull.
5/4/2023 c41 DOOMRAIDER
It’s no surprise that team RWBY was shocked and horrified when they saw Argent D’Nur and understand the saying that “War is Hell.” While it has been said that the Grimm are of similar horror to the Demons I don’t think so because the Grimm are not truly sentient beings and lack the cunning and utter malicious the Demons have. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Marcus Black found that necklace that could control Grimm which would make Salem not even a player in this game of horrors but then again she isn’t even a real player if you think about it because compared to The Doom Slayer, Hell, Earth and Marcus she wouldn’t stand a chance. Even her minions are pathetic compared to the forces that seek to claim or defend Remnant, all of her minions lack the conviction (Tyrian isn’t a true fanatic because in canon he ran away from his mission when hurt where a true fanatic would have not given up despite the odds), cunning (Cinder got utterly crushed by Marcus scheme to get the Fall Maiden which would have worked if Marcus knew more about Amber and lost almost all her forces and only got away by Marcus quick thinking to turn around his immediate defeat to a blow for his enemies by making many people from Atlas into sacrifices) intelligence (Watts may as well be an idiot compared to how advanced scientists from Earth and the Maykers) and strength (Tock may have got some improvements but compared to the Marauders or higher cast of Hell she would get torn to shreds). Ultimately Salem is doomed and when Hell inevitably gets its hands on her she will know suffering the likes of which very few have known before.
5/4/2023 c41 Super heavy weapons guy
Worth the wait
5/4/2023 c41
Definitely worth the wait! And that was just the tip of the iceberg, if they encounter more ruin memories, they won't handle what comes next. Forget making people angry, stop TOUCHING EVERYTHING RUBY! HAHA! Anyway see you next chapter dude!
5/4/2023 c41 Jacob9594
A good chapter on lore and Rue challenge style. Giving the heores hope and knowing how Doomguy felt.
5/4/2023 c41 2Brave2000
Did we ever get an explanation for why the fannus where so hated and exterminated in argent? Do team RWBY knlw of this reason, whatever it is?
5/4/2023 c1 Guest
Come to think of it, it will be interesting that William, Vega and the others of their Kaiju army have unique supernatural powers even instant teleportation, but not related to aura cause you know making their souls vulnerable, including advanced weapons and equipment similiar to the technologies of Exoprimal game video, provided by the UAC and Hayden as well.
5/4/2023 c41 darkpit65
The man is back with another banger
5/4/2023 c41 Davie Wilson
love it
5/4/2023 c41 1websplorer
This chapter was AWESOME! Not just the action, but also because it gives a perfect example of what kind of horror was Argent D'Nur during the war with Hell (seriously, we're talking Warhammer 40K level of grimdarkness), while team RWBY now knows why and how William became who he is now. My only complain is that I expected them to have a harsher reaction toward Ozpin's (and Glynda's, I guess) lack of transparency.
5/4/2023 c41 6triscythe59
Good chapter! Didn’t think you would do a flashback chapter! Little surprise that Ruby haven’t mentioned the rabbit Faunus girl that seemed to be very close to William. Any plans for her reveal on the next chapter?
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