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for Remnant Inferis: DOOM

4/13 c1 Guest
Maybe William and Vega will trying to get some upgrade to strengthen themselves and increased their chances of survival and victory against the Slaves of Doom, even found a way similiar to the Rogues from DC, when they try to steal a device called genome recorder and having everyone merge with their weapons catasthrophically. Of course, Mirror Master get stuck in the mirror world, Golden Glider becomes a ghost, weather wizard can't feel emotion or else the world will end and Captain Cold get the privelege of becoming Ice Man. Not mention Heatwave having a Scion from League of Legends furnace in his chest that just screamed. Amazing design. It makes me wonder if William and Vega somehow having a similiar incident, like Vega now has his own independent body from the Praetorian suit, and William merge with his gadgets, equipment, weapons and suit, something like that.
4/12 c2 Yugo Akiba Tokusatsu
4/11 c20 MrMcNasty
This story is fucking retarded.

"Oh, let's just leave an OPEN RIFT TO HELL in Shade Academy 'contained' and hope nothing bad happens."
Stop sandbagging the fucking Doom Slayer just so these cringe RWBY characters can steal the spotlight to smear shit all over themselves and the story.

P.S. Get a fucking proofreader. The Marcus and Mercury fight reads like a schizophrenic edgy teenager talking to themselves.
4/11 c19 MrMcNasty
Are you ever gonna grow a pair and actually kill one of the villains instead of these nameless, faceless White Fang members?
4/11 c18 MrMcNasty
Since when do Blazkowiczs let sleeping dogs lie?

They'd blow the lid on Ozpin's scheme just to watch the shit burn.
4/11 c15 MrMcNasty
I'm getting real fucking tired of the Doom Slayer being suddenly oblivious to demonic threats until they're on right top of him.
4/10 c11 MrMcNasty
Cinder's gonna get her cheeks clapped, P Diddy style.
4/5 c43 Guest
Me gusto el capĂ­tulo
3/27 c43 Guest
It's great!
Can't wait to see what you do next,
there's so many ideas that can be made, of the blend of Rwby's and Doom's writing.

And this story is a Prime example of it.
3/23 c43 Rexosuit
So, Davoth was the first human created by The Father (who in tgis fic is actually the creator of reality). Interesting. Im curious to see where he gets his power from and how it gets stripped away from him later on.
3/23 c43 Cowmangler9000
3/15 c41 Joseph
Excellent story! Lots of plot twists, action, horror, and character development! Vega was definitely affected by being tortured by Atlas Scientists, and the Slayer by being betrayed again! As far as they know for sure, all faith in humanity is shattered and shaken.
3/11 c43 DracoAngelus17
Been a while since I've seen this. Came back with coke and a soft pretzel. I could never say I was disappointed, lol. From its incedible violence and semi funny moments it's still one of the best stories I've ever read around here. Keep up the good work, I'm still loving this story.
3/5 c7 Capt. Schroller
The fact I am now reading this after playing DOOM Eternal came out. Makes it look like your info is more off on the Doomguy since the second game gave him more back story of where is from and he got his powers. Still love reading this and will continue to.
3/3 c43 9OmniGawker
Shame to hear about the Yang-Slayer ship being sunk but intrigued by whatcha ya got in mind

Also can't wait for the Slayer to get that wrist blade of his soon
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