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5/8 c35 Guest
I’m really looking forward to a doomguy raven fight
5/8 c35 Guest
Mhmmmmm sure William doesn't think about the consequences of his actions but what's an energy crisis or grim frenzy compared to a full scale demonic invasion. William only kills the guilty and as for the family losses it's not like the people he killed thought about the families they ruined or did f**k all when the faunus where being tortured so its a full circle karma situation. I'm going to say it as it is Grim to Demons is like a splinter to a Warhammer Exterminatus. Grim are a contenent or at worst world threat while demons are a galaxy wide or at worst existence to all life threat. Grim just chew on things make dumb yip yip animal noises and has a edgey failure who fell in purple stuff leading them. Demons can go wherever they want, take advantage of gullible brain dead idiots, has advance technology, is in an alliance with the Makyrs and has not a god but a primeval being leading them. Not to mention Demons torture people to use them as living batteries and uses the victims husk as an ever expanding supply to new demons so in the grand scope of things William is pretty justified for his actions.

Anyways sorry about that rant I do love your work and take as much time as you need on your hiatus I wish you the best of luck for your personal life and health.
5/7 c35 Clown2107
Without a doubt for me, this has been the most tense arc that this story has had so far, with each chapter that I read about this arc, the tension that I felt never diminished.

It felt satisfying that the Slayer killed Merlot's annoyance once and for all, one less annoyance to worry about but it is clear that there are other annoyances in Remmant and these are real threats.
I don't know about you but Merlot's mechanical centipede body reminded me of Sabaoth from Doom 3.

Some people like Ironwood and the Atlas forces think that the loss of Epsilon is a great loss for both Atlas and Remmant and they are right but it is better this way, as VEGA said in previous chapters "Even if Epsilon is destroyed, humanity will survive", But there is something we can be sure of and that is that things can get worse, with the destruction of Epsilon it does not mean they stopped the demons, this is only temporary, because if Doom teaches you something, it is that Hell always finds a way to invade again .
In addition, there are still demons that escaped the destruction of Epsilon, the possessed Grimms and even the demon-worshiping cults, it is only a matter of time these cults begin to create Gore Nest.

I admit that this chapter Raven has given me bad vibes, she feels like a character that cannot be trusted, like Ozpin, that woman keeps her secrets very jealous and therefore is not trustworthy.

I admit that I feel a bit disappointed with the end of this arc, since I hoped that the Fortress of Doom was below Epsilon but it was not, but hey, I do not lose hope that in the next arc it will appear.

It is a pity that you want to leave the story in a temporary hiatus but I understand you, at some point we all have to detach ourselves from something we like to clear our minds.
Anyway, have good luck, we will be here waiting patiently for your return.
5/7 c35 Andy1997
Before leaving you my thoughts I wanted to point out a couple of errors I found.

First off during the Dark Lords first appearance there was a line were the Slayer popped out of nowhere and stared him down, despite the fact he shouldn't have been there to begin with. Upon re-reading though, I can't seem to see that line anymore, so if you removed it then well done.

Second, as sweet as it was for the Slayer to give Yang his family heirloom, I could have sworn a couple of chapters ago he said he lost it. Sooooo, did he find it without us knowing, or was that previous line about him losing it just another instance of you writing something then forgetting it later? Not a big deal, but I am curious.

So thus concludes this arc. Even though it's sad that you'll be taking a break from this, the way you wrapped things up feels like the perfect time to go on hiatus. It all lined up with the end of volume 8 really well, with the Slayer and the teams all splitting up and Atlas's main R and D center destroyed. Things really aren't looking good right now are they?

Honestly, I think Qrow had a really good point. While the Slayer may think he's doing the right thing by destroying anything with even the slightest trace to Hell, for far too long he has never thought about how his actions will affect those around him, both fighters and innocence. While Destroying this facility may delay the demons for a while, at the same time it is helping Remnant's other great enemy and her ally's. He really is making things more difficult for the people around him, including team RWBY! I think at some point in this story, he's going to need to make a choice, will he continue to fight Hell no matter the cost, or will he need to set aside his rage for the sake of his new family (yes, family)?

Merlot's fight was really cool, especially with Yang getting involved. Seems suitable that it be the two juggernauts of this world who deal the killing blow, and to make it better the Slayer even managed to unlock his blood punch. Oh what fun that'll be!

So... is William actually starting to develop some... complex emotions for the yellow dragon? Even though I was one of the big proponents of this pairing, I was starting to think you wouldn't bother. Not that I blame you, in a sense it is rather weird to pair a seventeen year old girl with a guy whos, what, thousands of years old? But this is fiction, so do whatever you want! William even took the initiative and gave her the engagement ring already, sly dog he is! I don't know what the future will hold for these two if they do indeed get together, except two things. 1. Meetings with pappa Xiao Long are gonna be awkward as hell. 2. If they ever have a kid, said child will be an absolute beast! Fathers raw strength and silver eyes with Mamma's semblance and luscious blond hair. I can see a potential sequel series in the future: "Remnant Inferis: DOOM II: Son of Doom Slayer"! Heh, feel free to use the title if you actually do go through with it lol.

Anyway, back on point. Ruby reacting the way she did to the picture was to be expected, but I do wonder what the others will think. It must feel strange seeing this man who is a borderline sociopath and killing machine as a small, innocent, happy child. Will the others still want to rejoin him, or will they perhaps go their separate ways for a while?

So the Dark Lord cometh! What a way to introduce the arch enemy of all humanity! And yet despite all his bluster, Ruby still had the balls to approach him, look him right in the eyes and tell him he won't win. Mad respect girl! Still, I thought in his current state he shouldn't be able to interact with anything physical, but who cares.

Finally, Raven. I'm sure she's smart enough to know that by taking the relic, all she is doing is painting a big fat target on not only her back, but the backs of everyone in her tribe as well. William, the huntsmen academy's, Salem and her goons... the Dark Lord, all of them will be after her now. I really hope for her sake she has a very good reason for taking that thing!

So now for the hiatus. I implore you to take as much time as you need to deal with any real world issues you have during this time. enjoy the real world for a bit, and when your ready, we will all be excited to read your story's again! Next up, we begin the Mistral arc. Lionheart, the cultists, Raven, so much to see and do. I can't wait.

Take care, and until next time.
5/5 c35 9reeleffendeel
Holy crap, this was a spectacular ending to the Atlas Arc.

The fight with Merlot was inventive and highly creative. I thought he was going to turn into the Pinky Demon from the movie but a demonic cyber-mantis was so much more thrilling!

Have to admit, Davoth did his break the cutie speech so much better than Salem. Now Ozpin is really gonna have to come clean about everything. I thought it was a very touching moment for the others to see the person William used to be before everything literally went to hell. Hopefully they'll rejoin him soon.

Raven is proving to be the biggest mystery in this story concerning her theft of the Relic and her unexplained relationship with William. I think you can do her character justice better than what happened in canon. What I'm really looking forward to is when VEGA uncovers Leonardo's treachery and William executes him in the worst way possible.

You take a break for as long as you have to, it'll give you some time to pen out the story. Stay gold my friend!
5/5 c22 quztuk
Don't we wish the Marauder had been like this instead of a tedious timing puzzle.
Though I give them props for giving the Marauder worst doggo.
5/4 c1 2Savior16
But I guess you will still go for the route Vega as the father so I think my previous comment is rendered moot and useless
5/4 c35 Savior16
Dude, the power scale of the dark lord and the slayer just went by a million more now that the doom multiverse is not a multiverse but a metaverse containing multiple multiverses, meaning that along the way, davoth and his armies conquered multiverses and gods of multiversal power and level. I know that you will not follow the line of Davoth being the father but in a way this will help you more than ever in this fic, making their dread bigger than ever.
5/4 c35 Memese
I freaking love this story. It's awesome. And is it bad that I gave Marv Dallas's voice from Payday 2?
4/30 c31 Guest01
4/30 c35 Shadowblood98
Great chapter as always. Just wanted to point out a mistake at the end. I don't think you can pump the super shotgun
4/30 c35 Guest
Me gustó el capitulo
4/30 c1 Fennal
Wait so is Summer both Ruby and Blazkowicz mother?
4/29 c35 9OmniGawker
Ah shit that thing's alive still

Can't wait to see what you'll write next for this story, hell of an ending
4/29 c35 amrph007
Wait, am I tripping or there is something missing in this chapter ?
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