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for Remnant Inferis: DOOM

4/29 c1 LiquidusSnake
First, great chapter, second, does this means Ironwood is going to be an antagonist? One that actually make sense, not like the retard they turned him in canon?
4/29 c5 3The Prime Cronos
There is a fanfiction Out there with a Team madness, and Ruby ist Just Mad enough to accept all the Terror of the world and only focuses in the Happy parts in live
It's a Rwby x blackrockshooter fic. Reminded ne very much of IT
4/29 c35 bwooodlord
i feel the yang and BJ ship over the horizon

but for some reason im hoping for some lancestor
4/29 c35 6Irish-Brigid
Ironwood is an elitist dick.

Actually, he's worse, putting his pride before the lives of all his men.

In William's defense, he didn't *know* his rage would set off the grimm initially, and he's done a fairly good job keeping a lid on it for most of the story. Besides, Earth can survive an energy crisis. A full-scale Hell invasion set on *eating the planet* if not that *entire reality?* Not so much.

Wow. Ironwood getting called out on his bullshit by *The Dark Lord.* Sweet.

Wait. Where did Doom Slayer come from? And why is no one reacting to him suddenly showing up?

So he's not there. So who stepped in front of Ozpin?

I really hope seeing that photo gets everyone to ease up on William. He's *trying* to do right.

By the way, it's been a while, but isn't Lionheart the traitor? Oh, I hope that detailed report he's about to get gives him a panic attack.
4/29 c35 ScreamingStuka
Nothing quite like going out with a bang, or a volcanic eruption in this case. Absolutely awesome how this story has gone, loved every minute of it, especially hownyouve managed to meld the two universes together. Patiently waiting on the other side of the hiatus, hope all goes well!
4/28 c35 12ahsoei
Hiatus?! NOOO! It felt even worse when I know that I'm powerless to do anything about this...

No matter, I shall wait just like how Slayer waits for more demons to come at him.

So... The Doom-Slayer here is Ruby's long lost uncle or something?
4/28 c35 Reasonable man
Well this arc with all major RWBY characters is finally over. Now every RWBY characters now got time to catch a breath and regroup.
4/28 c35 trollpatrol117
Unexpectedly long arc, but one epic finale to it. Nicely done.
4/28 c35 IHateGenericCereal
What an ending for the arc. Godspeed, seeya after the hiatus.
4/28 c35 8Johnny Spectre
Cue Flynt Cole and a Revenant having a trumpet-off
4/28 c35 17Rialga
Man, everyone is taking some hard hits here, emotionally. And Davoth himself appeared, if only partly... damn, talk about raised stakes.
And like Ironwood is one to whine about trust, hah. Hope he gets called out on his shit soon.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
4/28 c35 7JohnJoestar17
Holy shit...now that's one hell of a way to end an arc and go to hiatus on. The fight against Merlot (he's one ugly motherfucker) had me to glued to the screen, and kudos on upping the ante by him trying to kidnap Ruby. And the Dark Lord makes an appearance too! I think this is the point where trust in Ozpin truly starts to break down and the Remnant crew realizes they're just small fish in a huge cosmic ocean. Take care of yourself, and I look forward to what you'll bring to the table when you come back.
4/28 c35 Guest
WHY THE FUCK did Raven just put a target on her back like that!? It isn’t good that she has the Sword of Destruction! Can she even use it!? How did she portal to GM!?
4/28 c35 11Ultimate Warrior of Zera
I really loved the scene with the ring and the family picture. Since nobody reacted to the Dark Lord's looks, am I right to say the Dark Lord does not look like the Doom Slayer here?
4/28 c35 BrutusPrimus
Damn. Good story mate! Can’t wait for it to be continued in the future!
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