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for Remnant Inferis: DOOM

3/1 c43 GodMe
well... although I understand why there are no pairings on the part of the slayer, now I have the question of why to change his appearance to that point, after all he could only change his eyes and use the original design of the slayer. I thought the change in his appearance was because you wanted to match him with someone, but if not, why?
2/29 c43 3stormsyaf
11/10. Peak in lore. Peak in fighting. Peak in everything. Binged this story in 4 days. It's so addicted and good and now I'm sad I have to wait for new chapters :c
2/27 c43 april-551
Davoth as a creation of the Father and test to Brothers. But what you say about Blacksmith/the Tree from V9 and will it have a spot here? Anyway, Slayer and Penny can work, but William doesn't trust android because 'uncanny valley effect'. Wow, Marauder from warrior vassal clan, which were on renegades side during civil war. Fortress of Doom is here and finally fly again! At least Vega is unreachable for Atlas, no way to them take control over AI again. William found a foto of Stan's first family before events of first game. Pietro is right about locator, hope that tech will be prohibited from sharing for some time. Well, garbage hit the fan. Time to clean up and kick bastards. So, do you have a plan for Earth, Hayden, does ARC exist, how people of Remnant will react to terrans and tech (mostly FTL cruisers, BFG-10K, Argent powered mechs and tanks, fuel and nuclear energy).
2/25 c43 BrutusPrimus
Excellent work on this chapter!
2/25 c31 WTF 101
How about a crossover between RWBY and High Guardian Spice?
2/24 c43 Guest
I forget, did Doomslayer retrieve the Sword of Destruction from Raven, and how are they gonna open the Vault in Haven?
2/24 c43 Guest
Wonder how Winter will react when she finds out about the Alliance between the Makyrs and Hell for the Production of Argent Energy?
2/25 c43 deezjagz
I have only one question: Is the Doom Slayer gonna get his Doom Eternal gear?
2/24 c43 Okami2312
So..the silver eyes definitely affect Ruby’s very sudden bloodlust.
2/24 c43 MawOfTheVoid
2/24 c43 masterchiefandcommandershepard
To be honest - I was expecting BJ Yang,
but as long as there are no shitty ships like Bumbalbee and WhiteRose, then I'm completely ok with this decision.
I wouldn't be surprised if there is no shipping at all in your story (except for Ren and Nora, Jaune and Pyra), there are no problems with that either.

If it's not a secret, which pairings do you think are the most likely?
2/23 c43 TitaniumZargon
I love everything about the story so far, this is one of my favorite RWBY crossover fics I've ever read. This an the Fallout New Vegas one are my absolute favorites! I can't wait for the time that we get to see a Doom Hunter. I have a feeling that moment's gonna trump so many of the others just like the Marauder's entrance did!
2/23 c43 PaperTypewriter
Great to see you back! I've been waiting for this like a crack fiend and I cannot say I'm not satisfied with what I read. Sucks that team RWBY wasn't there for the Fortress of Doom. Anyways, hoping for a new chapter in the coming months ;)

P.S. A damn shame The Slayer and Yang won't be a thing, or even Blake. But I guess a 1000 year old and a 17 year old don't exactly pair up well.
2/23 c43 xndelongchamps
This story is so awesome and we finally are in the fortress of DOOM can't wait for team RWBY to see it, oh their reactions will be priceless
2/23 c43 Clown2107
Finally, one of the parts that I was most looking forward to since I discovered this story, that the Fortress of Doom would finally appear, now in command of the Slayer and with VEGA serving as the "mind" of the fortress, now he can go almost anywhere from Remnant and return to the fortress to resupply when needed; but for that the Slayer needs a Celestial Locator if he wants the fortress to be at its maximum capacity.

I think Winter is wrong about the Fortress of Doom, the fortress is not a spaceship, it is more like a space station, a command center that can open portals to travel through dimensions.

I think you missed the opportunity that after the Slayer regained the fortress, he would have exchanged his old Praetor suit for Eternal's Praetor suit before leaving for Mistral.

I think it's been a long time since we saw team RWBY, and I think it would be time to reunite the Slayer and team RWBY.

I wonder when we'll have to wait for the story to reach Earth, which I assume is being invaded by the forces of Hell.
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