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4/28 c35 Jacob9594
It was fun seeing Dr. Merlot get defeated for good. Looking forward to Mistral arc. This arc was my favorite of the story too far.
Of course it wouldn't be as simple as shooting Merlot in the head and that being the end of it like what happened to Deag Grav in Doom Eternal. Though the good news is that The Doom Slayer's Blood Punch was as devastating in this story as it was in the games. Anyone who sees that will think twice of fighting The Doom Slayer, even those arrogant Atlas along with UAC elites and soldiers.

Qrow might have made some progress (key word might) but the moment he said misery like he truly understands that word like The Doom Slayer does is when he lost. While Qrow has suffered in comparison to The Doom Slayer it is like a drop of water in The Doom Slayer's ocean. Qrow doesn't even know true vengeance like The Doom Slayer does because he lost everything and everyone he cared about while having what was left get corrupted by Hell. Well The Doom Slayer started in this story alone so it would make sense that he would end it alone as well.

Now Davoth is on the scene and that shows that things are going from worse to horrific. It was good to see Davoth show up in this story before it went on hiatus. In fact everything he said to Ironwood was completely right given that idiot in his pursuit of what he thinks is right instead brought more chaos. Ironwood's problem is that he is so blinded by doing things his way that he doesn't consider that there could be better ways and that the consequences of his actions would not be worth the rewards gained. Similar to the idiots who think getting Argent Energy is worth the risk of Hell invading their worlds and then coming to regret their foolishness and arrogance that they thought they had it all figured out with the risk being worth the reward when the cost was too high. Following the subject of foolishness and arrogance I wonder how much humiliation Ironwood is going to experience in his pursuit to stop The Doom Slayer's war against Hell until he finally just lets him do what he does best: Rip and Tear!
4/28 c35 2LC3575
Phew, what a way to finish the arc. I did not expect Davoth to just pop in and pull a Salem. Ozpin has got some 'splaining to do, as usual. I'm glad that they're giving Team RWBY and everyone else are getting more insight into why BJ is the way he is; the moment with the parchment-photo was genuinely touching. I hope that Catrice doesn't spend too much time in the clink; the Beacon kids could use her help recovering from all the shit they've been through. And I love the awkwardness when Yang and the others find out William gave her the Blazkowicz family engagement ring. Kudos to Taiyang for not freaking out as much as I thought he would.
4/28 c35 6jaffa3
Excellent chapter as usual. Way to end one of your best arcs. I hope that your hiatus doesn’t last too long.
4/28 c35 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Huh, forgot that the original Doomguy has blond hair here.
4/28 c35 2CykaBlyatintensifies
Marv is one tough sonuvabitch
4/28 c35 1Matrixmachine
That protocol is hilarious.
4/28 c35 Zekken182
Holy hell this was a good ending for this arc especially i got emotional too about ruby crying on slayer's pic
4/28 c35 2Brave2000
That was an amazing ending! This arc was just badass with a touch of emotional. Cant wait to see the next arc. Keep up the good work my man!
4/28 c35 1TheSoldierOfFortune
Dude, there's no doubt about it. This is so far my favorite chapter. If they ever made a RWBY-like animated web series based on this fic, I would definitely see this as a season finale. Looking forward to the next season (and I am talking both about the fic and the main RWBY series).
4/28 c35 I Fredric I
God damn that's nice.
4/28 c35 The Real Hell Fire
My only thought about the engagement ring, is he plans on proposing to Yang or Ruby? And of course Tai went protective dad mode and tried to take the ring.

I would love to see Ruby try to get into demon slaying, but her father would reprimand her saying she trained to fight Grimm, not demons, even with only I think 7 to 10 days worth of training from William.
4/28 c35 3Ghost Angel14
And so the long wait begins.

Satisfying ending I would say, very curious where you're gonna take this now. And I now really hope that the Slayer socks Raven in her coward face.
4/28 c35 hmmm
4/28 c35 4dv1ct0r14m2017
Well, Qrow now understood why the Slayer/William Joseph Blazckowicz III is full of rage.

And Ruby tearing up that she finally saw a moment in BJ's life that he's smiling, and she thought that she had taken for granted having a family.

And of course, The Slayer is now in Haven. Can't wait for him to discover what Raven wanted, and to punt Lionheart in the nads.

Anyways, excellent chapter and hope to see more of this in the future!
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