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for Remnant Inferis: DOOM

2/22 c43 Guest
I would love for doom slayer x ruby but ok it is your choice not to make suff like that
2/23 c43 3The Prime Cronos
I like the detour and i Like the introdiction of the voice ship!
Please Just give Ironwood a redemption Arc. I hate characters getting torn down without any chance. You could make it even in a sacrefice of His life For his redemption.
2/22 c43 Davie Wilson
love it
2/22 c43 2GoodguysRoverated
AT LAST! Let the slaughter begin!
2/22 c43 AndroidDragon100
Something interesting to consider about the Fortress of Doom’s impact on Remnant beyond the military value is how the citizens will view the Doom Slayer because while some might not like his past actions many of them will want to escape Remnant and get away from the Demons and Grimm which would make the decision to hunt the Doom Slayer or paint the man as bad something that the public would likely be against seeing as they could see the Doom Slayer as their best chance to survive and even thrive away from Remnant.

Good call about not pairing the Doom Slayer with the women of Remnant because quite frankly everyone on that world is just plan pathetic. I mean the only person I could see as a love interest for the Doom Slayer is Daisy who in this story and reeleffendeel’s Doom and My Hero Academy story was a woman rather then a rabbit and how both versions were cared for by the Doom Slayer. Frankly I’m fine if anyone from the RWBY main characters gets killed because that will further reduce the ridiculous plot armor that they have which is similar to how the protagonists and rebels from Star Wars won many battles when they should have lost like when elite Storm Troopers got beat basically teddy bears. There comes a point when things just get to ridiculous for the story. At least in settings like Warhammer most of the time when the protagonist survives it makes sense and could be believable like the many times Cain almost died but through luck, skill and help from others survived odds that frankly would make the dangers on Remnant seem like child’s play.
2/21 c43 20Rialga
The Fortress of Doom is back! And just like that, any chance of William's enemies keeping him at bay crumbled to nothing! May whatever higher power they believe in have mercy if/when William is able to fully get the Fortress operational because at that point, he'll be able to zip around all of Remnant and beyond before they can even blink!

Looking forward to the next chapter! Especially with whatever fic-only lore you'll be giving Davoth here!
2/21 c43 9deathwing17
This is going to be a very, very interesting. I'm glad to see you're back :)
2/21 c43 7reeleffendeel
Crazy that we both ended up releasing chapters for our stories in the same month, huh?

It's great to have you back, hope you are feeling better from COVID. We finally got the Fortress of Doom baby! And fuck canon! You're not supposed to follow it in fanfiction anyway.

I can only imagine how far off the deep end Ironwood's mentality is at this point, hope Winter and the other Ace Ops defect when he goes too far.

I eagerly await the battles in Vale and Mistral, but i'm chomping at the bit for Team Rwby's visit to Argent D'Nur!
2/21 c6 45Wacko12
you mean "easy on the eyes" not "easy on the yes"
2/21 c43
It's officially Hell on Remnant!
2/21 c43 VoreLord
This is an incredible diverging from the Canon. Plus the little AN about Ironwood and Makyrs make me think that Ironwood might become the Icon of Sin.
2/21 c1 Guest
Jaffa why bj and yang wtf hes old and already has had a family no
In a way I was comparing The Doom Slayer pairing to how Uriel was a good pairing to War from Darksiders or Wonder Woman was a good pairing for Batman from DC. Having a passionate and caring person who could help and be one of the few people that these tragic and vengeful characters listen to has potential in this story. Similar to what happened in Warhammer the End and the Death part 2 when Ollanius Persson convinced the Emperor not to become the very thing he fought against and essentially replace one dark future for humanity with Horus the main architect for it instead with the Emperor being the one that keeps humanity from achieving greatness and instead is condemned to an eternity of suffering because of his actions. In a way The Doom Slayer has the potential to become the next Dark Lord regardless of his well meaning intentions and similar to Celebrimbor from Shadow of Mordor whose intent to finally stop Sauron would ultimately just replace one Dark Lord with another. Already such a situation is happening in this story where a good man (Ironwood) with noble intentions is taking the path of the villain because of desperation and manipulation by his enemies along with the dangerous belief that he knows best. Unlike the Emperor who was in a similar situation to Ironwood where his back was to the wall with his people on the brink of destruction but before it was to late the Emperor was willing to listen to someone he trusted (Ollanius Persson) and ultimately bring himself back from the brink and possibly condemn his people through his actions when he wanted to save save, but Ironwood has no one he completely trusts and refuses to believe that his way is flawed because he is under the belief that he knows best. Thankfully The Doom Slayer has had people he trusts and while he also is under the similar belief that he knows best in order to save humanity from the Demons he is willing to listen to others and whether one of the ghosts of those who were his friends and family that he trusted or possibly some of the women from Remnant or Argent D’Nur or Earth they could stop The Doom Slayer from doing something that would condemn humanity like becoming the new Dark Lord and ruling Hell rather then destroy or possibly save the corrupted human souls that the Demons have become since those methods would not solve the problem that Hell and the Demons pose to all life in Creation.
2/21 c43 Jacob9594
I was wondering where the Fortress of Doom would show up Just in time.
2/21 c42 Jacob9594
A alliance is formed and Ironwood is getting madder.
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