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for Forced Journey

6/25 c14 Rebac
I really like your story! And I would like to read more of it! Please write more
6/11 c14 hatepickinnames
really enjoying this story so far, i hope you'll be updating soon.
6/10 c14 Freyja71
I like this story keep up the good work.
5/29 c14 Werecatgirl143
Atsirk Enoh I haven’t thought of that idea of why Alice may not see Bella.I must say that’s a very good theory
5/22 c14 1Anyabella
Hoping for a new chapter soon.
5/15 c14 11Atsirk Enoh
Could it be possible that Alice can't see Bella because she possibly/accidentally ingested shifter blood when sucking out the venom?
5/11 c14 Guest
I just love this story so much!
I hope you continue soon 3
4/21 c14 Guest
This is great! I hope you finish!
4/21 c14 Ooshnish

This story is amazing! Please finish it!
4/14 c14 15Ptool
this chapter is absolutely fantastic. I am a big fan of solid reasoning on why Alice stayed away from Bella's issues (and have written a couple myself) and I love this one.

great story, well done all around.

kudos. eagerly looking forward to updates.
3/4 c14 1My Eyez Are Watching Everyone
I really wish you would continue to update this story.
2/28 c14 Guest
Could Carlisle help sam and Jake? Thanks for updating
2/28 c14 11Alycat13
Ah the suspense! Can’t wait to read what happens next.
2/24 c14 7SnowGoose
I love this story. I am very happy for the update and can't wait to see what happens next. I worry foe Charlie. I think that the council should vote to tell Charlie the truth for his safety as well as Bellas.
2/23 c14 Casperace13
I love this story so much, thst between chapter updates I reread some or all of the story. I am so happy that Bella is starting to let herself believe and trust Carlisle and Esme. Her distrust of her vampire parents, while totally understandable, still hurts my heart. Can't wait for the next chspter.
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