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for Forced Journey

9/19 c14 Manognya. P
I love it. The books never really acknowledge mental trauma or after effects of Edward's lies. Just a doubt though, is this story abandoned?
9/7 c14 Lolalia
Really enjoyed this! I very much hope you continue
9/4 c14 Guest
Love this story so far.
I'm looking forward to reading more.
6/25 c14 Rebac
I really like your story! And I would like to read more of it! Please write more
6/11 c14 hatepickinnames
really enjoying this story so far, i hope you'll be updating soon.
6/10 c14 Freyja71
I like this story keep up the good work.
5/29 c14 Werecatgirl143
Atsirk Enoh I haven’t thought of that idea of why Alice may not see Bella.I must say that’s a very good theory
5/22 c14 1Anyabella
Hoping for a new chapter soon.
5/15 c14 11Atsirk Enoh
Could it be possible that Alice can't see Bella because she possibly/accidentally ingested shifter blood when sucking out the venom?
5/11 c14 Guest
I just love this story so much!
I hope you continue soon 3
4/21 c14 Guest
This is great! I hope you finish!
4/21 c14 Ooshnish

This story is amazing! Please finish it!
4/14 c14 15Ptool
this chapter is absolutely fantastic. I am a big fan of solid reasoning on why Alice stayed away from Bella's issues (and have written a couple myself) and I love this one.

great story, well done all around.

kudos. eagerly looking forward to updates.
3/4 c14 1My Eyez Are Watching Everyone
I really wish you would continue to update this story.
2/28 c14 Guest
Could Carlisle help sam and Jake? Thanks for updating
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