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2/28 c14 10Alycat13
Ah the suspense! Can’t wait to read what happens next.
2/24 c14 7SnowGoose
I love this story. I am very happy for the update and can't wait to see what happens next. I worry foe Charlie. I think that the council should vote to tell Charlie the truth for his safety as well as Bellas.
2/23 c14 Casperace13
I love this story so much, thst between chapter updates I reread some or all of the story. I am so happy that Bella is starting to let herself believe and trust Carlisle and Esme. Her distrust of her vampire parents, while totally understandable, still hurts my heart. Can't wait for the next chspter.
2/22 c14 7MrsNShelby2021
hope for an update soon although this bit with Charlie just really felt like you were wasting time sorry to say. hope bella comes clean to Carlisle and esme soon cause shes being a bit pathetic just tell them their son is a prick who left you to die in the forest floor and get it over with stop beating around the Bush
2/20 c14 Coffeefilterart
Charlie’s catching a lot of clues. Many fanfics make Charlie out to be an oblivious guy, but he’s not Chief of Police for nothing. I wonder why Alice can’t see anyone around Bella. Is it because she’s expecting Sam or Jake? Or another reason? I like how not only does Bella have her storyline, but so does Charlie and the Pack.
2/20 c14 Hetwaszoietsals
Love this update!

Can’t wait for Alice to arrive!
2/18 c14 Goldielover
Thanks for the update. I do wonder if Charlie is now on the right track. He's not going to be happy about the Cullens, especially at first. Also hoping Sam and Jake recover. I'm wondering if the residual venom is triggering a change in them, or if their continued illness is just an attempt to fend it off. Billy, Sue and the rest of them need to get on top of what Paul is doing, too. It will be interesting to see how the reunion goes with Alice and Jasper. Bella is still under a lot of misapprehensions due to Edward. He really doesn't deserve to be forgiven, but this seems to be a Bella/Edward pairing, so he obviously will be at some point. I will be looking forward to the next chapter.
2/16 c14 sbcorn
Wooot! So glad to see an update! This is a very interesting take and a well written story. Can’t wait to see where and how this goes!
2/16 c14 AveryCameron
Awesome new chapter! I'm looking forward to reading more.
2/16 c14 Guest
I truly love this story!
I hope you update soon. I really enjoyed reading the new chapter :)
Hopefully the not chapter will cover the surgery and talk.
Huge compliments! I adore your writing style.
Both with this story and your other stories!
2/16 c14 Twin68
Just found your story and read all the way throw the chapters and loved them all. I have to say I love Carlisle character and his tenderness towards Bella this whole time and finally figured out what Edward and Alice have done towards Bella and not looking toward her future and all the torture. I love the fact over Jasper and how she trusted only him. But I really don’t think at this time that Alice in anyway needs to think that her friendship with Bella in no way will ever be like it ever was because she completer said fuck you Bella and our friendship just because Edward didn’t want to see Bella happy and move on. Also when Sam and Jacob wake up I sure hope you let them beat the shit out of Paul or at least give him the beat down he deserves for the shit he pulled. Paul didn’t do it for the safety of the tribe, he did what he did only because he hated Bella and finally had a chance since the alpha and beta where down and let’s face Paul can be a mean bastard when he wants to be and that’s actually what he wanted to do and be. Please update fast I can’t wait to read what’s next . Til next time friend
2/16 c14 Pandas.Mom
Thank you for updating. Very nice chapter. I can't wait to see how you expand the interactions between Bella and all of the Cullens.
2/16 c14 1tinac
I am loving that your Charlie is actually acting like a Police Chief and Father. Something very lacking in SM. Also the Carlisle was taking charge and leading. Alice wasn't able just to do as she wanted. When Bella starts healing I hope she let's Alice know that no she is not a friend to Bella. Bella was always just a doll for her to dress and do up and manipulate and then drop without even a good bye. Esme guilt trips and talking to Bella likes that made me angry. To me only reinforcing that Bella does not fit in to the Cullen mold. And pushing bella further away. I would like to see that the Cullens realize guilt and manipulation is harmful. But really what will Bella do when Sam and Jake do not come for her? Edward continued sulk and then as Carlisle said spiral in self pity. I hope Carlisle shares with Bella those thoughts.
Great fabulous update. Looking forward to more.
2/16 c14 1Anyabella
Was so excited for the update. Didn't disappoint. Great work
11/23/2020 c13 Laurenm09
I’ve really enjoyed this story and would love for you to update it.
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