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for Forced Journey

12/6/2018 c1 Dreamcreaters
This story is really captivating from the start and it's very moving. Can't wait to read Carlisle's and Esme's reaction to her story and what Edward told her the day he left her, also the reactions of the ather Cullen's will be interesting to read.
Please update soon, this is the most captivating story I have read in a while
12/3/2018 c12 The Original Miss Darling
please update soon. i cant wait to see where it goes from here.
12/3/2018 c12 Casperace13
Another well written chapter. I really love this story.
11/15/2018 c12 will2Bfree
Excellent! I hope for more soon.
11/13/2018 c12 Guest
Really like it Please continue.
11/8/2018 c12 Hetwaszoietsals
Love this story so far!
11/8/2018 c12 marymoore3686
update please
11/5/2018 c12 Goldielover
Thanks for the update. Hopefully no one will recognize Bella from her hospital visit. Even if they did, I'm sure Carlisle would move them quickly to a new location. I will be looking forward to the next chapter whenever it is ready for us.
11/2/2018 c12 Number Ten
Glad you're back with a new chapter. You certainly know your medical procedure, keep up thee good work
11/3/2018 c12 10Arwengeld
I'm very curious about this story and hope that Sam and Jacob will recover. It'll be nice if Paul will be removed from the pack after what he did
11/2/2018 c12 9USNeshama
So excited to see an update! This is one of my favorite stories. Love the development, can't wait for more. Thank you!
11/2/2018 c12 5Annabella-Columbia
Thank you!, cannot wait for the next installment.
11/2/2018 c12 EyesOfTheSoul
Please update soon
11/2/2018 c12 Coffeefilterart
I’m so glad you’re back to updating! I love that Carlisle does have resources for Bella, even if he’s not ready to tell her about them yet. Bella sharing her medical history was powerful too, especially when she tells them about the exposure she suffered. Bella still feels betrayed by them and I appreciate that she’s not trusting them right away.
11/2/2018 c12 marleemiller5769
Man. They need that heart to heart. All of them are working under wrong ideas! I love this story! Great chapter!
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