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11/2/2018 c12 Coffeefilterart
I’m so glad you’re back to updating! I love that Carlisle does have resources for Bella, even if he’s not ready to tell her about them yet. Bella sharing her medical history was powerful too, especially when she tells them about the exposure she suffered. Bella still feels betrayed by them and I appreciate that she’s not trusting them right away.
11/2/2018 c12 marleemiller5769
Man. They need that heart to heart. All of them are working under wrong ideas! I love this story! Great chapter!
10/30/2018 c11 will2Bfree
Great story so far, please continue it! Not only is it well written, but I've got a soft spot for stories focused on the relationship between Bella and her vampire "parents".

Your profile said you wouldn't leave your stories unfinished, so I'm still hoping that's true.
10/6/2018 c11 FabinaForever11
Please update!

Awesome chapter!
7/23/2018 c11 15celticwitch77
I hope you finish and she tells them what edwward did
6/17/2018 c11 Guest
Please continue, it is such a cute story!
5/14/2018 c1 9USNeshama
Please update this story. I keep going back and rereading.
4/13/2018 c1 15xDeathAngelx
more more plz
2/10/2018 c11 Guest
Absolutely love this story, just wish there were more chapters!
1/30/2018 c11 1Magic2488
Please continue! This is really good!
12/31/2017 c11 tammy henson
Please please update soon
11/24/2017 c11 3MissMouette
Hey ! I really like your story and I can't wait to read the next chapter~
11/11/2017 c11 Js Girl
Beautiful story! I hope to read more soon.

Since Paul is listed with the Characters, I figure he’ll be a bigger part of the story... so that’ll be interesting.

I’m glad the other Cullen’s will be delayed. Bella never spent much time Carlisle & Esme and the others would be 2 much on her right now.

I loved the scene between Bella & Seth, and having sue looking for the Cullen’s.
When will Bella spill the beans about Edward?

I do have a question, will This be a EB story? I feel this Bella would have a harder time accepting him back
And Edward originally tried acting like nothing ever happened... he’s quite clueless
11/10/2017 c8 Guest
Ok so I've actually read up to chapter 11. Firstly, thank you for updating! I love this storyline and would love to see where it goes. I know it is entirely up to you but I really hoping this is a Bella, Carlisle, esme bonding ad healing fic, particularly one where you really get to see a strengthening parental connection. Really like it so far! Keep it up
11/10/2017 c11 USNeshama
Wonderful update, please continue
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