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for II Full Circle

8/9/2018 c1 8darkwinggirl
Yep. Jimberly all the way.
5/9/2017 c1 3SatanSpeaks
I love the emotion in this one. Love, Hate, Sympathy, Pain, Friendship, its all in there.

As a kid, I hated Tommy. Partially because everyone else loved him, but mostly because of how he got between Jason and Kim. Here, no matter what he does, he can't have her back. Things can't be the way they used to be. It makes me feel for the guy. His pain is real, he is hurting.

Instead of feeling jealous, Kat is sympathetic. She doesn't blame Kimberly and doesn't feel betrayed by Tommy, even though he isn't over Kim. Kat knows Jason and Kimberly on an individual level, and not only understands they were meant for each other, but is happy for them.

Clearly (from both context and the subsequent entries in the series) Kim has been through a lot. She has fought tooth and nail for Jason. She isn't about to let him go. Her love for him is unmatched.

I love how Kim sees Jason as larger than life. This is the lens that we see him through, "he held himself to greater, nearly impossible standards." Awesome description. Kim sees him as a man who shrugs off pain and injury like it was nothing. Yet this paragon of virtue is in pain because he has hurt his brother.

Excellent piece.
2/23/2017 c1 54JPHBK
First of all Kat is so sweet here. This is the exact reaction she would have to all of this. Nailed it.

Secondly once again I almost empathize with Tommy here. Clearly his hurt is not coming from Kim moving on for obviously he had done so as well. His hurt comes from feeling betrayed. However as you have expertly portrayed here, in reality he was the one that came between Kim and Jason's bond initially although he clearly did so innocently enough.

And lastly, you just get Jason and Kimberly. There was something there that always underlying between them. It became to come more to the surface in the Turbo film and you have expounded on it perfectly.

Love it.
2/11/2017 c1 4Slade's Icy Apprentice
This is such a weird ooc fic. I mean, you could totally tell in MMPR that Kim and Jason secretly hated each other all along. They literally never touch, talk or even look at each other at all ever, in any scene. I think Kim once called him "Jack" instead of Jason cause she can't even be bothered to remember his name. And remember that one episode where he saved everyone else and left her to die? It's so obvious that Kim's entire world only revolves around Tommy and vice versa. They only pretend sometimes to be friends with other people when they're bored. /sarcasm

On to the actual review. This, like Kim said in the last line, was inevitable. She and Jason (despite some people's willful ignorance) have always been close. They have always sort of gravitated towards each other. I could see so much potential between them both before and after Tommy's introduction. She had a deep affection for Tommy, but that doesn't nullify her very close friendship with Jason. I find it so ridiculous that people feel the need to twist it and dismiss it so completely to validate a ship that was canon anyway. We get it, she liked Tommy, she dated him. Let's not pretend that Jason meant nothing to her, or that he never cared about her either until Turbo.

Again, you did a great job of reaching into their thoughts and presenting them. Jason's humbleness and especially his guilt, always such a strong theme with him. Kim being concerned for him and knowing how much it bothers him despite his reassurances. She can't help wanting to be close and give him all the affection she can, she barely stops herself from doing it in front of Tommy. She doesn't want to hurt Tommy, but she also knows Jason feels even worse about it than she does. I absolutely love that. Kat is so sweet! She loves Tommy and feels so bad for what he's going through, yet she's completely supportive of Jason and Kim and genuinely happy for them. And Tommy, I can kinda see a spark of Green in him. That edge he gets, when it dawns on him just how close Kim and Jason have always been and that it's "come full circle". At least he can admit it, unlike some fans. I like that he references Emily, since the Turbo movie actively erased her. I like that Kim feels something there. Emily wasn't just some random girl she's only heard of in passing. She knew about her and it hurt her to see Jason with someone else. And my favourite part, that she knows it will hurt Tommy and regrets that, but can't have Jason doubt how she feels and how deeply. Wonderful writing.
2/10/2017 c1 Jesse
It's always been extremely difficult for me to get into Jason/Kim fics because they pretty much never spoke or really had any significant interaction until the Turbo Movie... But this was good. Still feel more awful for Tommy than happy for them, though. Jase and Kim should be happy, of course, but they *really* did him wrong. I don't think I'd be able to forgive something like this from my girlfriend and best friend. That's just... really fucked up.

Great job, though.
2/10/2017 c1 brankel1

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