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8/10 c10 Pteaset
Love it
8/10 c3 Pteaset
Ok I love ot
6/30 c10 8Mac Gustah
I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed this fanfic. Looking forward to more!
6/28 c10 1Appbeza
Rest is important. Stretching is important. Contrasting routine is important. She is not doing any of this. This is how you injure yourself, cause long-term muscle tearing, and cause bone fracturing. For no benefit.
2/13 c9 3Mumia0813
Lol well the merger didn't get to finish...now reeva is her other persona lol wonder how the Normandy crew will feel about that information...especially nilius
4/7/2019 c2 Guest
Please continue
2/24/2018 c9 Mousey Kimmy
Just came across this fic and really enjoying the read :) hope you decided to up date and continue it. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more.
2/9/2018 c1 sakitty
This is so good! There's way too few SIs with women, and this one is really well-written and interesting too
1/3/2018 c9 1ShadowDmn
I like this story! 3 Really well written, I cant wait to read more. _
11/22/2017 c9 6Lumari
Great so far, keep up the good work. :)
11/1/2017 c9 DewieDTT

Thanks for continuing the story! 3
10/31/2017 c9 6fan-rei
Thank you. I'm really glad you are still writing this story. I really like it.
10/31/2017 c9 ryan20fun
Good chapter.

I am interested in seeing where the whole training on the Normandy goes.
10/30/2017 c9 2Kaiya Azure
Heh, hope no one heard her say that. Still, at least she'll have two Spectres looking out for her like a pair of overprotective parents. Saren better hope Mama Bear Shepard doesn't get her hands on him. I wonder which Cerberus idiot will end up drawing the short straw when it comes time for TIM to think about trying to snatch Elyse. Or would he consider the risk to be greater than the reward? Either way, I wonder which role will go to whom when the Normandy crew discover that their group has become something of a dysfunctional family that manages to work in spite of the naysayers that think such a group shouldn't be able to do anything aside from implode or explode. Though Shepard did get a reputation for things exploding around her...
10/29/2017 c6 KyonSmith13
This story is quite well-written, and I look forward to seeing what's next. I have a couple of big-picture concerns about the direction the story's going, though:

1) Will the SI's involvement butterfly the ME trilogy into something completely offscript? There's nothing wrong with sticking to canon per se; the video game format of the trilogy was open-ended enough that if you wanted to make a sort of novelization, your writing is certainly good enough to pull it off. However, if that's what you're going to do, there's no need for an SI. It'd be like the American version of the 1954 Gojira film. The ME trilogy already featured a pseudo-SI in the form of a playable Shepard. If the only narrative purpose of Elyse is just to be along for the ride and provide a "real world" perspective, then there's no point in having her in the story in the first place.

2) Nihlus' characterization - I suspect the biggest butterfly the SI has made so far is Nihlus' survival, and so far, I'm not impressed. He's been hot-headed, angry, and driven by a vendetta against Saren... basically ME2 Garrus x10. Psychologically it's believable, but not at the cost of the competence he should be showing as a Spectre. He hasn't done anything to really derail canon so far, and I'm worried he's just in this story for more melodrama, another reaction POV and/or a love interest for the SI.
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