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5/28 c24 2Josephplayz303
Hey, is this story discontinued?
4/20 c24 Evan
Update soon
2/26 c1 anonymous
Life is a highway. I'd wanna ride it all night long. I know Mason'll feel the same when he and Arcee see their feelings and eventually...tell 'em.
11/13/2023 c24 validole
Please more chapters! Like from me i really love the whole storyline.
Will be waiting for the future updates!
11/12/2023 c24 Josephplayz303
please update
9/26/2023 c17 anonymous
Drop dead. (SMACK!) I’m sorry, I meant “Drop dead, comrade.”
9/21/2023 c24 seruis
Ooh! A cliffhanger. I'm already excited for what the next chapter brings, take your time with it if you need to.
9/20/2023 c24 anonymous
I wonder if Mason and Arcee have feelings for each other.

She’s spunky, fierce, devoted and compassionate. He’s brave, strong, loyal and compassionate himself.

If anything else, they deserve each other. He is fine Wrecker, but he also might make a fine Prime.

I hope he shows up in Robots in Disguise, if that ever happens.
9/19/2023 c23 18Lwwas-forever
You don't know how absolutely GIDDY I got when I saw the upload notification on my phone! I screamed and danced, I was so excited! This story is still very much one of my favorites and damn does this make me want to start all over from the beginning and read it again!

I am also on the very edge of my seat because MASON IS STILL BEING AFFECTED BY UNICRON! AHHH! I am so worried about him right now, now he's hearing his voice too! I sincerely hooe things don't go down south again for him. Although with how things went with Megatron and Unicron in the actual episode... I have a feeling the influence of Unicron over Mason has only just begun.

Also, I understand the whole inspiration bit. I have a story of my own that I'm fighting hard to keep afloat (my friend is thankfully helping with that) but my brain has a tendency to get new ideas for NEW stories and I wish it wouldn't? But alas, when the creativity sparks- I must listen. So I am not upset for you taking your time on this story. But it is a relief that you don't plan to outright drop it (for the moment at least).

Thank you for blessing my day with this wonderful yet intense chapter, and I hope your day is much better!
8/11/2023 c23 Guest
Very good fanfic, wish it was still being updated tho
7/23/2023 c1 Person from Web
Vendicor, if you still on this site and reading this post, Please, please, PLEASE, PlEaSe, pLeAsE, consider about continuation of this story. It's really good.
6/30/2023 c1 anonymous
More than meets the eye!
6/14/2023 c23 Guest
5/20/2023 c13 anonymous
The itsy bitsy spider went out for a little stroll. Down came the hunter and got the spider mad.
3/27/2023 c23 Velocitron
This has been one of, if not THE, best fan fictions I have ever read. The integration of your OC into the story is phenomenal. You managed to not just make him a "marry sue" where everything revolves around him or merely along for the ride with no affect the story at all. And you managed to keep the cannon characters acting like them selves. I am seriously impressed! Will there be more? I can't wait to see what's up with Mason!
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