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9/14 c7 1elkenn
It's been years...
This was really fun and I'm lucky I found it lol
9/2 c7 The Druid's Codex
I love this story and not just for the lemons the interactions between characters and the fact you have Naruto as a mini bijuu are amazing I look forward to when you get around to continuing this story.
7/23 c7 7Dragon Blaze-X
Noice and binged
6/20 c2 Didi59
La suite please
4/2 c7 1Omnipotence08
Still Waiting for the new chapter
2/9 c7 Salty
Amigo llevo esperando 3 años para el siguiente capitulo, cuando saldra?
1/7 c7 blackfoxx98
Can I adopt this story from you since you haven’t done anything with it since 2019.
12/27/2022 c7 dragons.kid93
is this a pony or Anthro pony?
10/17/2022 c7 Omnipotence08
Still waiting for the new chapter
8/24/2022 c7 John Smith 135
I Liked a good Story, I will Wait For the Continuation as I Understood Naruto appeared in Equestria before the Events of Friendship Is a Miracle, so there is no Princess Moon and Sparkle is not in Ponyville yet, it's good of course that Mrs. Pie Is Pregnant from Naruto, It's a pity that the Pumpkin (Here is no longer her Daughter and who can Grow up with Time) and that once the Princess Cadence is not with Shining Armor, which is why Flurry Hart is now (Which would be Cool if she was still an Alicorn and since she is now Not the Daughter of Princess Cadence and can Grow up over Time like a Pumpkin) not in a Harem, it would be Cool if it was by the way, the author is with me Question can I suggest to you who else to add to the Harem or not?
7/10/2022 c7 Guest
7/11/2022 c1 1blankmind16
Sooo that was interesting
5/12/2022 c7 BoredAsUsual34
quite interesting
4/20/2022 c6 waytodawn0
Going through your stories on both of your accounts again. How are you doing these days?
4/18/2022 c1 Godzillazero213
Hi Moretsuna Sora i kind of new to your content and I wanted to know if you discontinued Equestrian desires?
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