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for The Devil Pixie of Remnant

6/1 c1 Zero
4/9 c1 AlayaArcher
I Know this fic is dead and you have moved on but its not JUANE its JAUNE
8/16/2023 c5 Guest
tanyas powers would be awesome if she was a Schnee

since the glyphs are basically magic lol

tanya would still have all her powers

maybe she could even make her flight harness since a soldier should know how to do maintenance
8/16/2023 c4 Guest
hope tanyas power is a lil more like gambit from marvel comics

throwing explosive knives for mid range and playing cards for close range

it would be super weird if her semblance needed a bullet

maybe she could detonate small specks of her aura to fight like shes Bakugo but she could ignite her explosions anywhere

she could use the shock waves to fly

she wont be hurt by her own explosions and stuff cuz its literally her aura

would be real good for her versatility

shed need monstrous amounts of aura to keep up bakugos stamina in a prolonged fight so its still a good thing she primarily fights like mobile artillery

since shes like 12

shed still be a girl shaped mortar tho


its weird that Tanya doesnt have a mecha shift sword or spear gun, cuz she dont got unlimited bullets

when she runs out all she got is a club

thats the whole reason why hunters made mecha shift weapons in the first place

to save up space and to still have a weapon when they depleted their dust and ammo

a riffle that can turn into a spear and sword like Pyrhas would fit perfectly with tanya

maybe it could be a rifle, spear and military shovel?

the shovel could be used to dig trenches for makeshift camps and saw down trees with its saw like side

it would appeal to her pragmatic side

maybe a backpack wing suit too? like falcon from marvel

she could use explosions for lift in a pinch

and she could use the wings as a shield and a tent when she camps out
7/17/2023 c7 COULDNT12761022
Selfish motivation or not she still helped Velvet when none of you were
3/4/2023 c8 Zepolmoon
Time for Tanya to go from Devil to Angel of Death, the Fang will lose more members now that Tanya had flight capability. Would love to see more of this fic at least until Cinder meets Tanya
3/4/2023 c6 Zepolmoon
Great chapter, really captures Tanya’s desire for a cushy and safe life. She may be fighting now but eventually she will live peacefully, if Cinder’s plan fails that is.
3/3/2023 c2 Zepolmoon
Ah Cardin sure does know how to puss off the wrong people, wonder if she will focus more on physically punish him next chapter for his disrespect
10/19/2022 c8 7Aka Daka
So, there is no update anymore?
7/10/2022 c8 JacobGuardian
Great chapter.
4/10/2022 c2 Guest
Ugh that stupid praying thing again
4/8/2022 c6 Apple89123
Where in the US is peace? If the White Fang wants peace they should just stay in their own country.
3/3/2022 c6 DragonTetho
To be honest, I wished Jaune would've joined Atlas Military and be in Tanya's unit but it would mean making an OC for NPR
2/3/2022 c8 Guest
Hope this is not dead, your writing style and storytelling is unique and very entertaining
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