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for The Devil Pixie of Remnant

2/14/2017 c1 1TheDudeWhoHasMadSkills
Man, this was AWESOME! You totally nailed Tanya's personality and everything! I wish I could write half as well as you do! Please, do continue this, and I forgive you for the cliffy. It really fits the style of this fic.
2/13/2017 c1 11seagate
Love it
2/13/2017 c1 Anonymous-1.25.415
I'm pretty fucking excited! These two shows together are a match made in heaven, or is it hell? I don't know, but I hope we can see this from Tanya's perspective as well.
Good luck OP!
2/13/2017 c1 19Lord Kelvin
Youjo Senki and RWBY are a formidable combo.

Readers tend to like both. Just that you get the additional challenge of integrating them in a way that doesn't upset either fandom. The explosive entrance is taken from Youjo Senki, but the rest of chapter one is early RWBY. Keeping them separate is a safe bet to make a good first impression. Chapter two should be a treat.

I'm curious to see how and why Tanya popped up in the RWBY world. The summary seems to suggest that a higher power is involved, so it might be the original Tanya from the anime, not an AU variant. You have the unique opportunity to present her spin on magic to RWBY characters. After all, there's no other crossover like it. You're the one setting the tone.

Have a nice, abuse-free day.
2/13/2017 c1 xxOblivionxxx
Haha this is interesting... if this is similiar to the LN or the anime she was already combat capable at 7 or was 9? LOL thats ridiculous by remnant standards and she will OP as hell.
I wonder how much is Existence X is going to troll Tanya in Remnant...
2/12/2017 c1 3xCanaan
Haha! I just loved that ending, and Weiss's total horror in realizing who it was. I'm assuming this version of Tanya joined the Atlas military instead.

Looking forward to more.
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