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for The Devil Pixie of Remnant

4/17/2021 c8 Joshtr2000
First off, I love how you wrote the story. It's easy to follow and very entertaining. I only began to watch RWBY at the behest of a friend, but I did recently learn something about Ironwood's semblance, known as a Metal. Metal allows Ironwood to strengthen his resolve helping him carry through his discussions, but this also doubles as a form of tunnel vision. I'm telling you this because it was only brought up once as an offhand comment in the show and never brought up again, even when it became part of one of the conflicts. I hope this knowledge helps you in your writing endeavors if you did not know beforehand. Again, thank you for this wonderful story.
3/28/2021 c8 1LJDelu
Good to have you back! And no worries! Focus on your education first. As of writing this, I'm currently reading your end writer notes? IDK what they are called anyways I do agree with you, I don't particularly like RWBY as I did back then I only stuck around due to amazing fanfictions about them. I only recently watch Youjo Senki and I must say I loved every second of it. All I can say is to take your time and I hope to read your other stories as well. Best of luck!
3/4/2021 c8 Cylon One
I hope this never gets abandoned.
This has been way too good of a story so far in my opinion.
Look forward to chapter nine.
3/1/2021 c4 Cylon One
It's been very entertaining seeing Tanya as he/she's known to be, being that way on Remnant up to now.
And everyone's reactions to her.
Just fantastic.
12/1/2020 c8 candrariski155
11/25/2020 c5 HonestOutlaw
Honestly being x is not a god that you worship but hate and wipe records of its existence from history to be forgotten.
11/19/2020 c8 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Ahaha, i love this, it is great.

Now, anyone else picturing Tanya as a Maiden?
11/19/2020 c2 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Oh dear.
11/5/2020 c8 1Lucifer's assasin
pls don't abandon this.
10/23/2020 c8 eto.tbma
great fic
8/12/2020 c8 JacobGuardian
It's good to see you back, it's sad to hear that you no longer like RWBY, but I guess I can understand why. As I said in past, I really love this story, it's one of the best writen stories I have ever had pleasure to read on this site and I really hope that you will find some spark of inspiration/motivation that and that you will continue work on this story.
8/8/2020 c8 Doot Doot
I'm glad this story was updated as I like Youjo Senki in almost any medium if it is done proper justice! I also find the premise of rwby very interesting altough the show could definitely have done better in some parts. I understand if you feel the need to discontinue the story, but if the main problem is finding the main story line very boring then you have already set yourself up for a multiple of different directions! Whether it be Tanya having to hold back some evolved version of the grim dragon in aerial combat or team rwby and jnpr joining Tanya as a flight battalion of some sort to attempt to recapture Beacon so she can have her cushy job back! You could also 180 it and make Remenant face a second great war and watch Tanya revolutionize modern war with unheard of strategies from earth. I mean she has the new flight technology and hunters with semblance and auras to expand the art of war for Remnant. But if you are still planning on ending it after a few chapters than hopefully this story won't end before the golden words of Human Recources are said, I mean it is always interesting to read the drama of someone with a conflicting ideology to Tanya like Blake or perhaps other professors like Glynda. Also happy Velvet is always amazing and if Tanya were to for some reason become friends or respect the girl it wouldn't be outrageous in the least as Tanya seems to be a magnet for kind and cute battle maniacs. I mean have you read the latest chapter of Youjo Senki, the older members of the battalion being so used to each other that they instantly know how to deal with an exposed sleeping Viktoriya like siblings is incredibly wholesome for a group of maniacs who readily burn cities and innocents to ground on Tanya's command.
8/9/2020 c8 12SaveTheWeak
Haha, Tanya goes flying hehe... Now just gotta put wings on her...
8/5/2020 c8 13ahsoei
I assume the god that sent Tanya to Remnant is a different entity from the Brother Gods that cursed Salem and Ozma?

Btw, do u follow Brooklyn 99? I believe it'd be funny if the relationship between Tanya and Winter is similar to Holt and Wuntch. XD
8/3/2020 c8 sailormage
Hello! I remember first finding this story like a year ago, I really like it and I was sad when i thought you drop the story. I am glad to see you here again and giving us more. I agree with you thay rwby has gone down hill, I quit watching it around season 5 I think, i feel like they just so much potential wasted with the story. I would be very happy if you continued writing this story as I very much enjoy it, however if you have no passion to write it. I would say to stop and don't force yourself to do something you don't want to do. It will just be bad for you and I don't want that for you. I also love tanya. I have read all the books and watched the anime and movie. As for advice for story, I would say make as many changes to the rwby time line and story as you wish, go crazy get creative with it. All I ask is that the story still makes sense. As for shipping I don't really care about that stuff, I know some of the rwby fandom are crazy about that stuff. The only one I care about is tanya x visha lol, but seriously don't over work yourself. Umm... I think that's all I got to say for now, good luck with both your stories
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