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2/16/2017 c1 2Hogwarts Official
Your feedback from Hogwarts:-

Grade: 16.5/20 (A - Acceptable)
Examiner: Jenny (Claude Amelia Song)

I love how you characterized Andromeda and her relationship with the family. Also I loved Ted's portrayal. It is sweet.

It is not the most original of fics, even if in its own way it is. One leaves the family behind for love. Still I have never seen a Harry Potter and the :Last Airbender crossover, so I find it interesting.

The flow was alright , though there were some phrases that disrupted it.

You have some SPaG mistakes;
[that much is true] should be "that much was true';
[She sometimes thought] would have worked better as "Sometimes she thought" ;
[That's okay] should be "That was okay/alright" … and you jump from one time to another.

The last paragraph I feel that is something missing. You say that her relationship with the family was destroyed, that she will never be able to return to the Tribe and then that the number of people heart by them was innumerable.

You used the prompt well.

Overall it was a good story, one that I've enjoyed reading.

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