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5/23 c2 Nerfnerd306
I'd go with Tex
5/17 c21 1axel100
Congratulations but I do hope you continue this story. I was a little disappointed to the get the update notice, only to see it was just an authors note.
5/8 c21 Guest
Hey that's pretty cool, always nice to see a fanfic writer break out into the "real" world. Just don't forget about us when you make it big alright :-D
5/10 c1 Captain stag
this is a great news, I'm happy for you from a fanfiction Author to a legit one. I just hope you love what you're doing
5/9 c18 Shimuza
I have a feeling Sigma will come back. involved with Watts or Merlot probably due to Sigma being the bition and creativity fragment, one that matches with mad scientists.
5/9 c21 Ronmr
Though, are you going to continue this fic?
5/9 c21 4The Court of Talons
Wow, this is great news! I'm a newcomer to your story, but I wish you the best of luck with this book series! Congratulations, this sounds amazing. Keep up the great work, good luck with your financial situation.
5/9 c21 Vahnimor
well I love this fanfiction so I'll be sure to check out your your own work
5/9 c21 5The Hand Of Fate
So...is this story dead or no?
5/9 c21 Dasgun
0 0
5/8 c21 Greer123
I am happy for you. Hope your financial situation improves.
5/8 c21 9sd74
Congratz, and good luck.
5/8 c21 12darksidersfollower97
I'm am so proud of you. You publish your book and now ypur a real life author let God bless you
5/8 c21 yomunot
Congrats dude!
5/8 c21 Dragoncat261
Congrats! I hope you're successful and that you can make your family's and own life better, so good luck and all that jazz.
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