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5/4/2020 c5 potatosauce
just wanted to say, unlike toko, i think its just a split personality so he would have all the same memories hinata has, THIS I WELL WRITTEN! IM OFFICIALLY YOUR FAN!
4/9/2018 c4 13TheAngelicPyro
Oh. Wow. I really need to get my head out of the gutter. Yikes.
1/8/2018 c7 13Spiner909
Man, I don't envy trying to write Izuru. It seems quite hard to write this avatar of apathy without him being boring...ironic.

Also makes me think about Nagito. Goddamn that guy is crazy.
2/19/2017 c7 12Ramix
Fantastic work. A terrific end to Kamunami week Apo. I loved seeing all the stories you wrote this week, and this one popped up right when I was in a poor mood, so it really brightened my day. I loved the way you handled Izuru in despair and I especially loved how you showed him regaining hope. His confusion and sense of defeat was palpable, which made it so SO much more satisfying to see him regain hope through Nanami and Hinata. Fantastic work Apo, as usual.
2/19/2017 c6 1AnimeQueen82
Each one of these are amazimg,but this one gave me the feels. I can't wait for the next part! Keep up the good work! Kamunami week! BTW loved the fluff chapter on extra life ;-)
2/19/2017 c6 119TheRoseShadow21
Okay, and we're back to the angst again. *cries* I am almost worried about how sad the second part will be, but I look forward to it anyway!
2/19/2017 c5 TheRoseShadow21
2/18/2017 c6 6Fallenstreet01
Three more!?
I thought it was only a week!
Well, it doesn't matter, more fics to me.
I'm waiting to see if next chapter will end with elther hope or despair.
2/18/2017 c6 12Ramix
Shit. Fuck. That hurt more than I was expecting. It figures that the chapter about Izuru finding happiness and hope ends in despair. I really loved the way you described his reactions during the fifth trial. And by "love" I mean it hit me right in the heart and killed me. Great work.
2/18/2017 c5 Ramix
Oh my god this was so good. I loved the way you did the whole split thing with Hajizuru. Its a concept ive seen done plenty of times but im particularly fond of the way you handled it here. Chiaki was a sweetheart and seeing Kamakuras reactions was precious. I also really like how real chiakis first description of him felt. Great work.
2/17/2017 c5 6Fallenstreet01
I guess this can be considered an OT3 since Hinata was into this, but it was pretty interesting to see the double personality in action.
Only two more until the end, keep at it!
2/17/2017 c4 Fallenstreet01
This has to be my favorite so far.
I simply loved how you managed to solve the whole HP incident in such a short story, while showing their cute love story!
Though Gala Omega... as if!
2/17/2017 c4 TheRoseShadow21
Okay, this one is my favourite in the collection so far...I want/need a full length version of this AU lol.
2/17/2017 c4 12Ramix
"Gala Omega" oh is THAT what we're calling it now? ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
Oh man I loved this so much. At first I thought it was just a cute little snippet in an AU but then you went into detail about how they stopped HPA with Chisa's help, averted the tragedy, kicked out Junko, and "saved Izuru" and that just really made it for me. I loved Izuru's reactions to things like the boat rocking, it's a really nice reference to that one scene from DR2. And having Chiaki and Izuru just be in a committed relationship is so sweet, especially the way she gets flustered around him and he actually feels emotions around her. Cuties. Great work.
2/16/2017 c3 119TheRoseShadow21
Where the first one was pure angst and the second was pure fluff, this one seems to fall exactly between both moods, lol. But anyway, this is an interesting AU idea.
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